Comments from Toledo area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent seminar…very good, engaging, speaker. This seminar focused on the logic of the questions…others I've attended focus on the questions to ask depending on the area of expertise. The seminar provides a structure for conducting depos and knowing to keep asking the questions about the reasons for each opinion.

Becky Sechrist, 10 expert depos

The seminar is applicable to trial…very helpful. Musante has an excellent teaching style.

Ed Frey

Excellent seminar…one of the best speakers I've seen. Best seminar I've attended.

30 expert depos

Excellent speaker…a born teacher…engaging, humorous.

50 expert depos

A very practical seminar. Musante is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Best seminar ever.

15 expert depos

A very practical seminar…outstanding speaker. Musante is entirely consumed by his topic. Seminar is better than others.

25 expert depos

This is the best seminar I've attended. Musante is excellent.

Anthony Turley, 80 expert depos

An intellectually outstanding seminar…outstanding speaker.


"Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

Best TBA seminar I've attended. If given again, I'll make every effort to attend again (and again!). Excellent speaker; good slides and handout...wish it were longer. Wish the seminar had been 2-3 days, or longer!

R. Donald Woodson, MD, JD, 0 expert depos

Great seminar...would attend another one. Musante is knowledgeable and entertaining. Most interesting CLE I have attended.

Jessica, 0 expert depos

Terrific seminar...practical for both experienced and less experienced attorneys. Musante is thorough and entertaining.

Pter Rost, 200-25 expert depos

Excellent material. Musante is passionate and very good with the material.

James Vail, 10 expert depos

Excellent seminar...excellent speaker. New ideas to consider.

Dave Stuckey, 100 expert depos

Very practical seminar...outstanding speaker.

Cary Cooper, 200+ expert depos

Extremely practical seminar...very good speaker. Kept attention of attendees until the end, which is hard when it is the same individual speaking all day with little or no discussion, Q&A.

Tom Douglas