The cross-examination of an adverse witness at deposition, if done right, is an intellectually rigorous discipline that requires the diligent and skillful application of the logical rules that best exploit case theory opportunities and best attack case theory problems.


All litigators should have studied this discipline's dozens of rules while still in law school, and, later on, should have observed their law firms' experienced litigators effectively employing those rules in every adverse deposition. Sadly, however, the vast majority of litigators practice their entire careers without ever truly understanding this crucial syllogism:


Four Nationally Acclaimed Webinarsspacer

Great Adverse Depositions

"Great Adverse Depositions"

Attacking the Expert's Opinion

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Deposing the Artful Dodger

"Deposing the Artful Dodger"

The Anatomy of a Superstar Deposition

"The Anatomy of a Superstar Deposition"

Each webinar is a 6.5 hour recording of a full-day CLE seminar that was delivered live to a large public audience. Each is brimming with 100s of blunt judgments regarding the skills of the various questioners, the motives of the various witnesses, and the meanings of various other subjects, profound and otherwise. Accept no judgment on faith! Instead, skeptically scrutinize the sufficiency of the factual basis and the soundness of the reasoning proffered in support of each. That said, all the judgments re taking adverse depos are spot-on.