Comments from San Diego area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

I have taken many depositions but after Musante's seminar I drove home kicking myself over the last two I took. I wish I had these tools then. More practical and useful than most other CLEs.

Kim Brogan, 150+ expert depos

Excellent! Many, many useful and practical and "new" approaches to old problems. Musante is very animated and dedicated. Humorous and honest. Seminar is practical, hands-on and can be used tomorrow.

William Bender, 10-15 expert depos

Excellent. Presented in a focused and fascinating way.

Kim Marie Staron, San Diego

Excellent practical content; terrific teacher. Very sound and highly useful logic; as experts are usually logic-minded, it is best to fight fire with fire. The "opinion" attacks are a thorough and insightful approach to sniffing out the "bs" factors in the expert's opinion and attacking them.

Steven J. Wedel, Center for Disability Access, San Diego

Far superior to others. Very practical; excellent logic.

100 expert depos, San Diego

Outstanding instructor. Outstanding logic. Much, much better than other like seminars.

J.P.Lisiscki, 10 expert depos, San Diego

Excellent practical content. Superb instructor. Exceeds all others. The deposition logic is irrefutable.

Paul Staley, San Diego


Superior compared to other CLEs. Logic and clear plan of attack vs. relying on instincts that can come and go at each particular deposition. Excellent practical content and excellent instructor.

70 expert depos

Excellent! practical content. Excellent instruction.

6 expert depos

Although I'm at the beginning of my career, the practical applications of the content appear enormous. Musante is outstanding. Impressed upon me the importance of using the deposition to win the trial.

Joel Mason, San Diego attorney

Excellent. Much more useful than the average litigation-skills seminar. Extremely valuable "opinion" attacks.

10 expert depos, San Diego

Excellent! Musante has organized the amorphous!

H.K. Colby, 25 expert depos

One of the best. Very dynamic speaker; excellent practical content.

Anonymous, San Diego

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

100+ expert depos, San Diego


Blaise J. Jackson, 35-50 expert depos, San Diego

Excellent, well thought-out and organized.

Doug Easton, 100+ expert depos, San Diego

Very practical; I can see how to incorporate the material in my next depo. I now know deposition=trial, and I will get everything from the expert at depo and won't hold anything back.

2 expert depos, San Diego

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. It will help me to focus not on the opinion itself and whether I agree with the opinion, but on what rule, if any, the expert applied in making the opinion.

Arlene Jouxson, Hawaii

Highly practical; very well organized and presented. I suspect my adverse expert depositions will be improved dramatically; be more focused; and more comprehensive.

Jonathan Rose, 3 expert depos, Grace, Brandon, Hollis, San Diego

The practical approach to conducting an expert deposition is extremely valuable and useful. Musante is very good; clearly explained and demonstrated the material. This will greatly improve my ability to conduct an adverse expert definition.

Larry Kuperman, San Diego

Wonderful! Extremely helpful and easy to understand. Musante is very entertaining and effective. No comparison to other like seminars; this far exceeds any seminars I've attended. Before I was rather intimidated by doctors' knowledge, credentials, terminology. The info provided in this seminar will allow me to question the expert despite my lack of medical expertise.

Shelby Flowers, 3 expert depos, Bollington, Griffith & Swope, San Diego

Musante is excellent. Good encapsulation of principles; will improve my expert depos a great deal.

William Budd, Epsten, Grinnell, Howell, San Diego

New and impressive perspective on taking depositions. This seminar made me think "outside the box."

Larry Sidiropoulos, Laureti & Sidiropoulos, San Diego

Excellent practical content; Musante is tenacious and tenable.

Raymond Pacello, Jr., 3 expert depos, San Diego

Excellent and powerful practical content. Musante is superior.

San Diego attorney

Musante correctly identifies critical listening as the essential skill of taking expert depositions and provides a systematic way for breaking down all expert opinions. He is a dynamo. The techniques are universal.

J. Daniel Holsenback, 100+ expert depos, San Diego

Excellent. It is clear that Robert not only understands the art of taking depos, but he can also clearly convey it to the listening. I now have a sense of anticipation and excitement about future expert depositions.

Guy Levy, San Diego

Excellent. A logical premise and easy to apply; will make my expert depos easier and more organized. Very applicable, even in civil cases.

Rosalind Kennedy, 25+ expert depos, Silva, Clasen & Raffalow, San Diego

Outstanding! Musante is enthusiastic, dynamic and thought-provoking. The four hours went by much too quickly. Gave me a game plan for how to prepare for, conduct and effectively use an expert deposition to my client's benefit. I feel more confident about my ability to attack an expert's opinion even when I do not completely understand their discipline.

Kieran Purcell, 5 expert depos, San Diego

Finally a great plan and outline for taking expert depositions. An excellent seminar.

Daniel Rosenberg, San Diego