Comments from New York City attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

One of the best!

Guy H. Mitchell, 10 expert depos

Excellent choice of examples to explain theories. Musante is an excellent communicator with a great manner.

Mark D. Rosenzweig, 15+ expert depos

Excellent! Musante is one of the best. This seminar is superior compared to others I've attended. This seminar's rules supplanted my own.

Jerry Slayer, 100 expert depos

I believe this has been very practical. Musante is very clear, engaging and very well prepared. This seminar is better than others.

Scott Fischer, 4 expert depos

I found this seminar to be extremely helpful, clear and concise. Musante's delivery was clear and precise. Extremely helpful in dissecting an expert's opinion. Extremely helpful in showing how experts hide behind expertise. This is the first time anyone has ever presented to me the "rules" of cross-examining experts.

Jeane Strickland

Excellent practical content. Musante is excellent and energetic. This is as good and better than most. The rules are more logical and systematic.

Clem Colucci, 1 expert depo

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

David Nadel

Excellent, extremely practical; video excerpts were extremely beneficial. Musante was enthusiastic and excellent. "Opinion Attacks" were very useful; will help me to frame questions.


This seminar is superb! Musante is excellent. Very good practical content.

Rasik S. Sanghriese

Excellent practical content compared to other like seminars. Musante was very good. The "Opinion Attacks" were very practical as a tool for all types of experts.

Pat Russo

Very good content. The emphasis on logic, listening and persistence is important.


Much more helpful in real life situations than other courses, much higher value than others. Musante is very good and his "rules" parallel what I vaguely remember from law school.


Very good practical content. Musante is excellent and his rules more thorough. Excellent seminar, extremely helpful...could have used a second day!

Anonymous, 4 expert depos