Comments from Nashville area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Good practical content; excellent instructor.

Cynthia Padock, 25 expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Will improve the quality of my adverse expert depos significantly.

Vince Williams, 100 expert depos

Very practical and useful. Excellent instructor.

George H. Coffin

Outstanding practical content; excellent instructor.

Ellen Pollach, 18 expert depos

Very practical. Will improve my ability to a high degree.

Jennifer Brenner

The approach discussed can be used effectively to depose or cross-examine experts. Am convince that this [expert chart] is a good model to be applied.

Joe Shirley

Helpful! Excellent instructor. I'm convinced!

Anonymous, 75 expert depos

Practical content good; excellent instructor.


Very practical ... the state spent its money well. I would recommend this and Musante's "Adverse" seminar to my fellow barristers.


Far superior to other "expert" deposition seminars. Will improve the quality of my expert depos immensely.


Real-world advice that can be used immediately. Musante is excellent; a good communicator. Will help my depos tremendously. What I did instinctively, not always effectively, and to a much less extent than explained here, will be enhanced by this seminar. Where was Musante when I started practicing law??

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Teresa R. Ricks, 40+ expert depos

Excellent, thoughtful, insightful and practical. Should help to sharpen the focus of the questions, and enhance my listening skills.

Anthony J. McFarland, 15-25 expert depos, Bass, Berry & Sims

Excellent. Will be very useful in my practice. Musante is well-prepared, interesting and very knowledgeable. Great graphics. Far better seminar than others. Will no longer feel I am at the mercy of the expert.

Lawrence H. Hart, 30-40 expert depos

Great! Very entertaining and full of useful information. I have not taken an expert depo yet, but I now feel prepared to do so.

Mary Beth Thomas

Value of practical content is HUGE. The only problem is the sheer volume of complexity of the material. A lot to absorb! Musante is superb. The underlying logic and assumptions are easy to understand.

Anonymous, 30-50 expert depos

Excellent teacher; enthusiastic presentation.


Relevant and helpful, well-organized and crafted. Musante is excellent. His claim was proven.


An excellent CLE ... very helpful. Mr. Musante did an excellent job. He was well-versed and answered all questions well. Will improve my expert depos a whole lot.

Anonymous, 5 expert depos

Great practical content; great instructor.