Comments from Memphis area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

This seminar is better than most. Musante makes a compelling argument.

Michael Crawford, 25 expert depos

This seminar is very practical...techniques are universally applicable. Musante is entertaining, interactive, and very informative. The quality of my expert depos will improve my depo taking skills in both adverse witness and expert depos.

B. Branson Tabler, 40 expert depos

Excellent seminar...excellent teacher. This seimar has provided me with a "scientific" approach for preparing for and taking the deposition of an expert.

Molly R. Cripps, 25 expert depos

Great seminar! I'll be able to use this immediately! This seminar is superior to other courses I've taken regarding expert depositions.

Ottowa E. Carter, Jr., 20 expert depos

Extremely practical seminar...maintains its narrow (and useful) focus. Musante's great. This seminar will make me listen and analyze expert testimony in a structural fashion.

Harold Simpson, 10 expert depos

This seminar was more valuable than others...more functional, not anecdotal . Excellent instructor.

William D. Treeby, 200+ expert depos

Very good seminar. Real-life examples are quite effective. Musante's excellent.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Great practical content; great instructor. This was the best.

Robert Wampler, 40-yr atty, Wampler & Pierce, PC

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Matt Harris, 3 expert depos

Good practical content; excellent instructor. My expert depos in the future will be more extensive.

Warner Hodges, III, 30-yr atty

Foundational, not anecdotal, therefore more valuable. Musante is excellent.

William D. Treeby, 200 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Very practical and useful.

Bill Walker, 100 expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Better, more practical than others.

Anonymous, 3 expert depos