Comments from Las Vegas area attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

Outstanding seminar…excellent speaker. One of the best seminars ever.

Jon Robertson, 18-yr atty

Priceless seminar. The Oxford English dictionary needs to expand the definition of "passion" to include Robert Musante. This seminar is second to none.

Patrick Chapin, 16-yr atty, 300+ adverse depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Superior seminar compared to others.

Jim Crockett, 32-yr atty, 500+ adverse depos

Fabulous seminar…this should be a required course in law school. Great speaker. Seminar far and above others…I haven't yawned once.

Kristol, 3-yr atty, 10+ adverse depos

Incredible seminar. Everything I wished I'd been taught in law school or by the supervising attorneys where I work…but wasn't. Musante is engaging and excellent at conveying the subject matter in concise chunks in an entertaining and helpful way. This is one of the best seminars I've attended in 4-5 years.

Cristi Barker, 1-yr atty, 4 adverse depos

The techniques are in line with other techniques that work well, such as Terry McCarthy's cross exam course, so I assume that the technique works. Very enthusiastic presentation.

Michael Eward, 1-yr atty, 0 adverse depos

Excellent speaker…I love that you adamantly stick to the schedule. This seminar far exceeds others.

Anonymous, 3-yr atty, 14 adverse depos

I really find the practical content helpful. While the subject matter is dry, the speaker's knowledge and enthusiasm make this very interesting.

Jennifer McDonald, 3-yr atty, 5 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…among the best I have seen in 37 years of attending CLE programs.

Anonymous, 37-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

A psychologically stimulating and entertaining seminar. Excellent speaker…kept my attention, even at 2:40pm. Superior seminar to others.

Les Berman, 26-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

Excellent seminar…great use of examples for teaching key concepts. Musante is very good…very organized and entertaining. Keeps the topic interesting and the audience engaged.

Anonymous, 2-yr atty, 0 adverse depos

Loved the seminar. It helps to get principles that can be applied to all different situations. Great speaker. Best seminar I've attended.

K. Baird, 3-yr atty, 70-100 adverse depos

Very helpful seminar…a step-by-step approach to taking a great deposition. Top notch speaker!

Pam McGaha, 4-yr atty, 15 adverse depos

Very practical seminar…very entertaining and informative speaker.

Tracey Howrd, 14-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

Very good seminar. Musante disproves the old saw "those who can't do, teach". Very highly rated seminar.

Kathleen Paustian, 18-yr atty, 100-200 adverse depos

Very good seminar…would recommend to my peers. Musante is very knowledgeable.

Jack Burden, 8-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…outstanding speaker.

Howard Turell

Excellent seminar…great speaker. This seminar was more enjoyable and more informative than other seminars. Write a book!

Kenneth Hall, 19-yr atty, 70+ adverse depos

Musante holds the audience's interest…speaks clearly and loudly. Seminar more practical, informative, and interesting than others.

Joe Wirth, 1-yr atty, 0 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…great speaker. A lot more practical information than other seminars on questioning technique and overall depo strategy.

Martin Welsh, 3-yr atty, 5 adverse depos

The seminar made me want to depose Bill Clinton.

James Krah, 10-yr atty, 100 adverse depos

Loved the seminar…it is nice to have a dedicated teacher who really works and cultivates material.


A very helpful seminar…good combination of visual aids with instruction. Seminar better than most.

Derrick Penney, 12-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

An extremely helpful and practical seminar. Musante is direct, concise and very effective. As opposed to other seminars, this actually provides the practitioner with practice techniques.

Effie Sahiki, 6-yr atty, 20 adverse depos

Good, useful information…good use of repetition and examples. This seminar is better than most…not filled with war stories.

Reed Werner, 2-yr atty, 6 adverse depos

Highly useful seminar…can employ techniques learned immediately. Excellent speaker.

Mark Zalaoras, 29-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Very helpful seminar…many concrete helpful tools. Excellent speaker.

Carol Hay, 4-yr atty, 30 adverse depos

"The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

Excellent seminar! I like the way it approaches human nature/tendencies. Excellent speaker! Very engaging and interesting. Seminar will assist me in spotting weaknesses of the deponent and his attorney.

David P. Dureska, 10-yr atty, 0 adverse depos

This seminar will allow me to be effective beyond my years. Excellent speaker.

Bruce Flammey, 4-yr atty, 3 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…superb speaker. Great visuals.

Gary Burnett, 26-yr atty, 400+ adverse depos

Extraordinarily helpful seminar. I learned a great deal of information that I think will be useful in my depositions. Knowledgeable speaker.

Yolanda Givens, 6-yr atty, 12 adverse depos

Very eloquent and animated speaker. Videos illuminated teaching points very well.

Christopher Burk, 3-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Seminar helped me focus on key goals and points.

John B. Greene, 16-yr atty, 200+ adverse depos

Very practical seminar in applying the ideas to my practice. Musante obviously has thought a lot about the subject and taken the time to make the materials entertaining. The seminar hammered into me to focus on asking leading questions together with preparing for a depo as if the witness will try to dodge my questions.

Nadia von Magkenko, 6-yr atty, 200+ adverse depos

Fantastic seminar. Enjoyable speaker. Beautiful videos.

Steven Sertich

A very useful and entertaining seminar. Musante is good at engaging the audience and not simply reading a Powerpoint presentation. Great use of current events. Video clips were awesome and engaging. Hope to incorporate the seminar into everything!


Excellent seminar…loved the examples. Excellent speaker…he kept my interest throughout the seminar. I was never bored.


Very good at explaining how not to let run around answers be successful in destroying your case. Musante is energetic, knowledgeable, and very able to get important points across.

Mary D. Perry, 6-yr atty, 2 adverse depos

Very insightful and helpful seminar. Powerpoint was essential. I'm going to "game plan" differently and I'm excited.

John Bertoldo, 22-yr atty, 100s of adverse depos

Very useful seminar, written materials are a bit long, but ideas appear to be valuable in conducting a deposition. Excellent speaker, very enthusiastic.

Nathan Lloyd, 3-yr atty, 40 adverse depos

Great seminar content and an upbeat, dynamic presentation. Musante is a "9" out of "10".

Joseph Pret, 2-yr atty, 00 adverse depos

Insightful seminar…excellent speaker.

Kenneth Hall, 20-yr atty, 70+ adverse depos

Very good seminar…will incorporate into my practice. Excellent and lively speaker…makes his points and moves on.

Eric Chandler, 3-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Seminar provides great information. Musante is very engaging and has the ability to teach, a rarity amongst teachers.

Stephen Kopolon, 3-yr atty, 20 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…very practical material presented in an entertaining manner. Excellent speaker. Definitely helpful to have real world examples of the application of the subject of the seminar.

Jeffrey Galliher, 5-yr atty, 65 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Great use of current and past political events to demonstrate credibility flaws.

Anonymous, 4-yr atty, 40 adverse depos