Comments from Houston area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

In 11 years of trial practice, I have felt insecure in taking expert depositions. Now I can't wait until I can take a doctor deposition and use the "whack" of Musante's course. Musante's the best.

Terry Smith, 25 expert depos

Superb seminar…helpful not only for taking depositions but also for preparing experts for depo. Musante is great…entertaining, passionate.

Sarah Kerrigan, 100 expert depos

A+ seminar; A+ speaker. The best seminar I've attended.

Anonymous, 30 expert depos

Spot on! Musante is entertaining and informative. In my opinion, that's the rule for a good teacher. I picked up good info at NITA's seminar (3-day) on expert depositions; however, by breaking the structure to its most basic components, I got more useful information for more situations in less time here.

Russ Miller, 30+expert depos

The true value of this seminar lies in making explicit what most attorneys learn through trial and error on an unconscious level, if at all, combined with offering a systematic approach to cross-examination. Musante is very engaging and informative. Excellent demonstrative use of Dr. Baden's testimony.

Mark Ritchie, 15 expert depos

The method of applying the rules to deposition is very practical and easy to follow. Musante has a great ability to get his point across with speed and examples. Compared to others, this is by far the best seminar.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

Excellent practical points. Musante has a strong ability to captivate the energetic CLE.

Chad Hagan, 6 expert depos

The seminar was very helpful overall…it gave me an analytical framework for crushing the other side's expert. Musante is a gifted teacher. He is very enthusiastic and interesting. His examples are very useful and helpful…it is clear that he wants the attendees to really learn the subject.

Allison Comment

A highly practical seminar. Musante though tries to do too much too fast. This seminar challenges the common wisdom of saving attack for trial, and explains why that is usually not the best course.

Phillip Bruns, dozens of expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Superior.

Bill Book, 500+ expert depos

Excellent seminar…the pinnacle of logic. Musante has good enthusiasm; he makes sense. This seminar is helpful in training one how to think.

Brent Lee, 5 expert depos

Extremely useful seminar…cuts to the chase to dispel myths and/or poor practices. This course contains much more nuts and bolts that can be applied to all types of expert depositions. I will definitely listen more carefully to the witness' word choice and be more confident when deposing a new type of expert.

Doris Beutel-Guthrie, 20+ expert depos

If you have an analytical mind, much of the seminar content is intuitive. Musante has mapped out the logic in a very useful manner that should make me a more effective litigator. His rules of logic are universal. He kept my attention; great illustrations.

Jeff Lucas, 15 expert depos

Very practical seminar; fundamental but must be practiced to be truly learned. Excellent speaker…Musante is pedagogically accomplished; a good communicator of knowledge. Baden was a great teaching tool. His testimony was a good vehicle for teaching the universal principles of taking an adverse expert's deposition.

Duke Fagan

Excellent seminar. Musante is very good at reinforcing concepts and explaining the basis for those concepts. This seminar is more practical and useful than others.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

An extremely relevant and helpful to litigation attorneys. Musante's enthusiasm for the subject matter is evident. His humor is a very effective component of his presentation.

Deborah Beck, 100 expert depos

Practical seminar content is easy to use…after some preliminary practice. Competency should increase with use whether examining an expert or non-expert. Musante is excellent…he strives to make sure everyone understands…written and visual materials excellent.

Inez Knight

A+ seminar…all practical…I wish law school was like this. I always feel like a better attorney just having listened. Seminar never boring. Musante always has my attention.


Practical seminar content seems very relevant. Excellent speaker. Musante makes me want to become a litigator.

Dan Schmidt

Good seminar…very good speaker. Best seminar I've attended.

Cary Dorman, 100+ expert depos

Very informative. Vastly better than other "expert" seminars.

Catherine Smith, 50+ expert depos, Law Office of Ramon Garcia, Edinburg

Excellent practical content. Much more helpful than other "expert" seminars.

David Irwin, 2 expert depos, Ebanks, Smith & Carlson, LLP, Houston

Fantastic. Much more value than other "expert" seminars. Will improve my expert depos immediately and beyond imagining.

James T. Clancy, 20 expert depos, Matthews & Branscomb, PC, Corpus Christi

Information that can be put to use as early as tomorrow! Mr. Musante's passion for his subject shines; he is a very good teacher. I now have tools to do more than just conduct an interview. I would definitely consider attending another seminar taught by Musante.

Jason Waltman, Houston

As with the "Adverse" seminar, this seminar is above most others in quantity and quality. Has provided me with a couple of different ideas about how to handle a difficult expert.

Mark A. White, 20-25 expert depos, Clements, O'Neill, Pierce, Wilson & Fulkerson, LLP, Houston

Good organization, interesting topics and great suggestions to use in future expert depos. Will keep me from losing my cool and intelligently attack the basis and manner in which experts reach their conclusions or opinions.

A. Alexzandra Taylor, 3 expert depos, Sammons & Parker, Houston

Very good; very helpful. Mr. Musante is not boring like most speakers at other seminars. Will improve the quality of my expert depositions significantly.

Javier Valenzuela, Acosta, Shrode & Soule', Houston

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Neal Cannon, Neal Cannon & Assoc., Houston

I like the fact that Mr. Musante challenges conventional wisdom because I don't trust CW ... I insist it must be proved. I feel challenged to think and to question, and that is rare in CLE seminars. My hope is that my first expert depo will be an auspicious beginning because of this course.

Bennett S. Bartlett, Farnsworth & vonBerg, Houston

Excellent practical content; outstanding teacher.

Dave Stevens, 11-yr atty, 50 expert depos, Houston

Outstanding! I cannot wait to apply Musante's principles and techniques in my own practice. Musante is also outstanding. Very effective hand-out and use of demonstrative examples.

Mia Storey, 6-yr atty, 50 expert depos, Edwards & Assoc., Houston

Fast-paced intense course ... very informative and helpful to taking an expert deposition.

Charles El-Moussa, Houston

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Scott Fiddler, 30 expert depos, Law Office of Scott Fiddler, Houston

Very helpful seminar. Provides a template for taking the depo of any expert on any subject. Musante is a solid teacher. He makes his principles very clear and understandable.

John Barr, 11-yr atty, 100 expert depos, Bracewell Patterson, Houston


Excellent content. Musante is interesting and entertaining.

Stephen Crain, 13-yr atty, 25 expert depos, Bracewell & Patterson, Houston

The best I've attended. Musante is excellent. Great reminder and organizer of what good ideas I've heard before with lots more added.

William E. Matthews, "Hundreds" of expert depos, Gardere, Wynne & Sewell, Houston

Every young lawyer should take this course ... and experienced lawyers should take a Musante refresher every few years.

Anonymous, 15-20 expert depos, Clements, O'Neill, Pierce, Wilson & Fulkerson, LLP, Houston

This seminar is one that every lawyer, or potential lawyer, should take.

Anonymous, 10+ expert depos, Houston

Better than any other CLE I've been to. Musante's techniques will have an immediate and positive impact on my next adverse expert deposition.

Anonymous, 12-15 expert depos, Houston

I needed this seminar very badly and it did not disappoint me.

6-yr atty, Houston

As interesting as can be. Very practical and valuable to my practice. Musante is very enthusiastic and excited.

Gardere, Wynne & Sewell, Houston

Excellent! I look forward to trying out the advice/info/organization. Logical and makes sense.

15 expert depos, Gardere, Wynne & Sewell, Houston

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Sure made me think about tactics.

"Hundreds" of expert depos, Gardere, Wynne & Sewell, Houston

Very useful information. Helps understand what should be at the heart and purpose in deposing experts. Musante is excellent, interesting, and energetic; and effective communicator. The impact on my expert depos will be significant. Undercuts a common misconception regarding deposing experts: that you have to have a technical understanding of the expert's area of expertise in order to effectively take the deposition ... not so, says this course.

Vinson & Elkins attorney, Houston

One of the best seminars I've attended. Will make planning an attack much easier and more effective.

Ben Lippard, Vinson & Elkins, Houston

Extremely useful and hopefully with proper implementation, a great benefit to my practice. Musante is excellent.

Barry White, 75 expert depos, Gardere, Wynne & Sewell, Houston

Other "expert" seminars don't even compare. In 23 years of practice, I've never seen a course that covered expert depositions in such a practical way, and I haven't seen more than 4 or 5 effective expert depos on cross-examination. This will greatly improve my expert depositions. I am usually critical of teachers who use clips from trials or movies, but Musante did it right! Wish we had had more time.

John R. Brown, 5 expert depos, Houston

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Much more valuable than others. I will now know that deposition is trial!

Randy Furlong, Vinson & Elkins, Houston

The content is extremely practical, useful and I look forward to applying it. It provides a road-map or a step-by-step method of challenging any expert opinion. The instructor is extremely talented in his presentation. He communicates effectively and it is easy to listen to him.

Todd Hermes, Powers & Frost, Houston

Very practical and provocative, focusing a spotlight on areas usually left un-illuminated by analysis. Excellent instructor. Will help make my expert depos more powerful ... makes me want to send out depo notices next Monday!

David A. Furlow, 60 expert depos, Thompson & Knight

Musante is good, energetic, used the media examples well, and was interesting to listen to.

Walter R. Mayer, Vinson & Elkins, Houston

Excellent value. Sophisticated and persuasive framework for attacking expert opinions. Musante is entertaining and informative. Will help me a great deal.

Steve Rasch, Thompson & Knight

Musante is very animated, which holds audience attention. A lot of good ideas for developing trial testimony.

Lewis Sutherland, 20-25 expert depos, Vinson & Elkins, Houston

Excellent practical content; Musante is a superior public speaker.

Charles Hill, 60 expert depos, Houston

Effective and persuasive. This seminar does a better job at taking the focus off the "technical" merits of the argument, forcing one to think on persuasive terms. A very useful framework for preparation and analysis. Should help me refine my "basis" questions significantly.

Vinson & Elkins

Musante's "expert formula" provides an excellent construct with which to analyze experts' opinions and attack their value. Provided helpful techniques for preparing to both take and defend expert depos.

Vinson & Elkins

Superb practical content. Musante is terrific. Will improve my depos significantly.

Vance Stanton, 75 expert depos, Houston

Practical content is extremely beneficial. Musante is very good. Provides a wonderful base for future depositions.

George Gore, Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins, Houston

Way better than other seminars. Musante is excellent. I feel much more confident to take an expert depo now.

Marcie Flores, Thompson & Knight

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Will hopefully improve my adverse expert depos a great deal.

Garret Chambers, 5 expert depos, McKool Smith, Houston

A great organizational approach. Will significantly improve my expert depos.

Vinson & Elkins

Excellent teacher; superior compared to other "expert" deposition seminars.

William L. Burnett, 25 expert depos, Thornton & Burnett, Houston

Excellent seminar. It will improve the quality of my adverse expert depositions tremendously: Deposition is Trial.

Conrad Adams, Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins, Houston

Excellent content and instructor. Points will be useful to expose expert's "non-expert" opinion for the jury. Will improve my expert depos to a great extent...I already feel better as a lay-lawyer, to take on an expert.

Mark Taylor, 1 expert depo, Cowles & Thompson, Houston

Musante is excellent; very animated. Made the time fly. I will be better equipped to structure the depo more effectively, and be on the alert for certain words that signal weakness.

Vinson & Elkins

Excellent practical content. Much more practical than others, more result-oriented, fewer "war stories" and irrelevant information. If properly applied, this organizational "attack" (the Expert Chart) cannot fail to help produce better cross-examination results.

Anonymous, 25-30 expert depos, Houston

Very effective for synthesizing information into useful memorable pieces. It allows me to package what I'm already doing into a repeatable form; I can fix my mistakes and drill the things I do right.

Anonymous, 5-10 expert depos, Houston

I have attended both days of Musante's seminars and found them both to be very practical and helpful. Robert Musante is entertaining and informative. This seminar has given me a basis and approach to taking expert depos and forming the questions.

Anonymous, 2 expert depos, Houston

Practical content very high; wonderful teacher. I am back for a second year in a row with four other associates from my firm!

Clint McGuire, 10 expert depos, Doyle, Restrepo, Harvin & Robbins, Houston

Excellent logic of cross examinations. Good communicator. Not boring. Not too humble or self-conscious. Seminars that are truly about litigation skills are too few.

John Fason, 40 expert depos

There is too much info! I'll work it up over time, but please triple your price and give us 200-300 pages of this stuff! It's really useful. Write the book! Robert pulls stuff from numerous sources in the flow of the presentation. It holds my attention, and downloads a ton of information. I love the constant literary allusions. The only other seminar that compares is "Killer Adverse Depo".

Kelly D. Hollingsworth, 10 expert depos

Very useful. This is the second Musante seminar and I still believe it is the best CLE going. Excellent instructor. Excellent real-life/world skills to use.

Tom Gehring, 10-15 expert depos

Very useful. Hope I remember it for the sometime in the future that I get to take an expert depo. Instructor was great! Very enthusiastic/interesting/entertaining. I think you must attend the KILLER adverse depo seminar to get the most from this one. It's a necessary foundation.

Angela A. Truitt

Very practical. Excellent instructor. I appreciate the analysis of the processes of litigation. Very valuable practical orientation.

Melanie Hunter, 3 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent and enjoyable instructor. Superior compared to other litigation-skills seminars.

Alan Hostetter

I expect to perform my first adverse expert deposition in the next few months and believe this course will help greatly. Musante is full of energy, keeps class interesting.

Vinson & Elkins

Extremely useful to me in role of expert witness. Excellent instructor - organized, good balance of written material and visuals.

Malcolm Skolnick

Very good practical content. Very good instructor. Compares favorably to other litigation-skills seminars.

Gary Bledsoe, "several" expert depos


David Ronin

Excellent practical content. Very good teacher. Better than other seminars.

Walter D. James III, 30 expert depos

Great concepts. Instructor very thorough. More thorough, broader, yet more detailed than other litigation-skills seminars.

Melissa Katz, 5 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Better than other litigation-skills seminars.

30-40 expert depos

Good content, good tips, helpful materials. Good teaching ability. Valuable evidence-collecting skills.

Anonymous, 1 expert depo

The best seminar in years. Excellent instructor.


Very useful. Inspiring instructor. Very important and informative compared to other litigation-skills seminars.

Anonymous, 1 expert depo

Found it practical and useful. I like the fact that I can put the information given in class to immediate use in my next deposition. Musante kept things interesting. Much better and more useful than previous litigation-skills seminars I have taken

Anonymous, 5 expert depos

Superior method for developing cross-examination skills. Excellent practical content and very good instructor.

Anonymous, 200 expert depos

It was extremely informative and useful. Musante was excellent.


Excellent - useful materials that I can put to work this afternoon. Musante was excellent, organized and focused at all times. By far, this was the best seminar.

Anonymous, 30-40 expert depos

Very practical. Musante keeps the audience attentive and animated. One of the most practical seminars!

Anonymous, 15 expert depos

"Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

Musante distills an enormous amount of rational guidance on taking expert depositions into an easily accessible guide to weapons useful for demolishing any expert. Musante is outstanding; entertaining and informative the entire way through. This seminar gives a framework thinking of the types of attacks and their format. I anticipate my approach will be more systematic and thorough because of this.

Mark Ritchie, 15 expert depos

I have now taken all Musante's seminars, and even without CLE credit, they were all well worth the cost. Using your system at deposition and trial has helped me have the success to become managing attorney. Musante is the best seminar professor that I have had.

Terry Smith, 25 expert depos

Extremely useful seminar. I depose many medical experts and it's especially useful in attacking their "pedestal". Musante is excellent…I keep coming back. This seminar will improve the quality of my adverse expert depos tremendously

Anonymous, 50 expert depos

Seminar rated "extremely high"…speaker "extremely high". The seminar will improve my practice of law, period. Musante lays out the logic and common sense of all case investigation, not just taking depositions.


The seminar was extremely informative. I would be very comfortable taking an expert deposition now. Musante is outstanding!

Allison Comment

Great teacher. I liked the enumerated arguments.

Jeff Lucas, 15 expert depos

Very practical seminar…I will utilize this. I wish I had attended 10 years ago (20!). Musante is excellent; very personable and compelling.

Anonymous, 100 expert depos

Good seminar…excellent speaker. This seminar gives me weapons to use when I don't have strong opinion attacks (or ways to bolster the opinion attack).

Russ Miller, 30+ expert depos

Excellent seminar…I can use this info in my next deposition. Musante is very clear and logical. He tries to make sure everyone understands his materials and the argument he is teaching/putting forward. The video of Dr. Baden allowed us to see and hear his demeanor, tone/inflection of voice, facial and body movements to questions. The seminar gives me a wealth of information and arguments to use, some of which I have not used before.

Inez Knight

Excellent speaker; very effective teaching tool using Baden to teach the arguments.

Eric Sarrafian

This seminar provides concise examples to support the presentation and thought-provoking ideas to use in deposing experts. Further it gives the reasoning behind why (or why not) to ask specific questions. Musante is excellent.

Doris Beutel-Guthrie, 20+ expert depos

The seminar provides practical info to use in every deposition. Musante's teaching ability is well thought out and easy to understand. This seminar will improve the quality of my adverse depos 110%.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

Very practical seminar. I will be incorporating many suggestions, lines of questioning in my next expert depo plan. Great teacher! This seminar will make a huge difference in improving my ability to encapsulate points, which now must be compiled from various places in the depo.

Sarah Kerrigan, 100 expert depos

Very good seminar; forces creative thinking about expert testimony. It will force me to abstract the logic of any deponent instead of giving him the benefit of assumptions. Musante is outstanding.

Joseph Morris, 1 expert depo

Lots of food for thought in this seminar. Great to see ideas listed in this fashion. Musante is excellent; he kept my attention. Good voice. Good approach.

Anonymous, "lots" of expert depos