Comments from Dallas area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion'

Excellent seminar…I feel smarter already. Excellent speaker…a little more Captain Kirk today than Louis Black…nice fusion of both deliveries. This seminar will improve my future depositions by leaps and bounds. My deposition skills suck compared to where I want to be. I have more tools because of this seminar.

Anonymous, 4 expert depos

Superb seminar…superb speaker. The best seminar.

Vance Stanton, unknown number of expert depos

Lots of information, but can't wait to apply it. Great teaching! I'm glad to have learned the right way to depose an expert.

Leanora Costilla Ortiz, 0 expert depos

An invaluable seminar...superlative speaker. Musante has plowed new terrain in the field of educating attorneys in the art of taking the expert deposition...refreshing.

Daniel Knott

Great seminar ... but too short. This can easily be a 2-day seminar, maybe even a semester long! Excellent instructor.

William Sebesta, 11-yr atty, Cozen O'Connor

Exceptional seminar. Entertaining, fast-paced. Can't wait for the book!

John Cummings, 8-yr atty, 15+ expert depos, Law Office of Steven Laird

Excellent seminar. Should be a must for all attorneys. Musante is brilliant! Musante's teachings will not only increase my confidence level, but will enable me to take effective adverse and expert depositions.

Jason A. Schmidt, 4-yr atty

At last! A light in the dark. Now I can stop chaing and start attacking.

Michael Scott, 7-yr atty, 2 expert depos

Kept me thinking on the edge of my chair throughout the seminar. Musante is outstanding. The numerous examples held my attention and reinforced the principles taught.

J.M. Klanchik, Dallas Attorney

Musante is demonstrative, passionate, motivated to teach. Good examples used ... Baden is a great expert to break down. Glad I came!

David Vereeke, 29-yr atty, hundreds of expert depos

Excellent seminar. Musante has a humorous and energetic style that is infectious.

Scott G. Ball, 16-yr atty, 50+ expert depos, Winchester & Assoc.

Outstanding seminar…this one and Musante’s adverse depo seminar should be a minimum requirement for all attorneys who venture into the courtroom.

Jeffrey Lynch, 300+ expert depos, The Lynch Firm

Outstanding! I just changed practice areas (after 20 years of litigation) and will now have to depose adverse experts routinely. Outstanding seminar…thank you, thank you. This seminar will improve the quality of my depos 1000 percent!

Deborah Dawson, 2 expert depos, Federal Trade Commission

This was by far the best expert depo seminar I’ve been to. It was very practical and will be useful in my PI practice. Excellent, top notch instructor.

Dan Street, 25+ expert depos, Street & Ragsdale

Sophisticated and persuasive framework for attacking expert opinions. Musante is entertaining and informative. Does a great job of providing an analytical framework for a critically important skill that is commonly shrouded in mystery by experienced practitioners. Will help my expert depositions a great deal.

Steve Rasch, 16 expert depos, Thompson & Knight

Very practical and provocative, focusing a spotlight on areas usually left un-illuminated by analysis. More logical and practical than other CLEs. This will help make my expert depositions more powerful ... makes me want to send out depo notices next Monday!

David Furlow, 60 expert depos, Thompson & Knight

Musante is excellent! Very practical compared to other seminars. The quality of my depositions will improve.

Glenn Ballard, 30-yr atty, Bracewell Patterson

Very thorough. Excellent instructor. Much more practical than others.

Scott Levine, 100s of expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. No comparison to other seminars. The teaching is invaluable.

Regan Williams, McKool Smith

Excellent. Superior to others.

Ron MacFarlane, 50 expert depos, Sifford, Anderson, Vice & MacFarlane

Content was exceptional. Musante really drove it home. Will greatly improve my expert depos; gave mechanism for dismantling opinions and revealing their soft underbelly.

Carl Weinkauf, 20 expert depos

Excellent, entertaining and informative. Will improve the quality of my expert depos enormously.


Excellent! Should give me the necessary tools with which to cross experts, besides just trying to reveal their "whore" status. Very, very effective.

Anonymous, 2 expert depos

Very good! Well organized. I wish I had this when starting out as a new lawyer!

Anonymous, 13-yr atty, 30 expert depos

Excellent practical content; outstanding instructor. Very clear; good use of Baden's testimony.

Anonymous, 25-yr atty

"Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

Great, practical material…fabulous instructor. This seminar has helped me understand the nuances required to depose an expert and the confidence that it will be done effectively for my client.

Leanora Costilla Ortiz, 0 expert depos

All arguments were valid, but effectiveness, in my opinion, of many are on the low side, though all potentially useful. Musante does a great job! I completely agree with exposing impeachment evidence at deposition. Every time I have waited to "spring" it at trial, it never came out.

Mike Howell, 25 expert depos

The seminar provides more ammo to use to attack the expert. Musante is great…he used illustrations effectively.

Phil DeFriend, 3 expert depos