Comments from Cleveland area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Much more entertaining, practical, down-to-earth than other "expert" seminars. Will definitely improve my adverse expert depos, most significantly in the preparation.

Kurt Anderson, 25+ expert depos, Fauver, Keyse-Walker & Donovan

Excellent practical content. Great instructor. Only seminar in 15 years where I did not read a book quietly. Mr. Musante does exactly what he promises.

Teri Stanford, 250 expert depos

Very valuable and useful. Helped me understand how to organize my cross-examination. Musante is excellent.

Thomas R. Wyatt, 10 expert depos

This is a very useful approach to expert testimony from a logical perspective…is persuasive to non-lawyers (jurors). Musante is very effective and entertaining.

Jeff Schaefer, 10 expert depos

Very good seminar…practical pointers are easy to understand and easier to apply. Musante is excellent…entertaining while teaching. I learned new ways (and questions) to go after experts.

Keith Pryater, 10 expert depos

Well done. The quality of my adverse expert depos will improve greatly as I am more confident to take a depo now.

Erik Walter, 0 expert depos

You've recommended a terrific scheme for planning how to depose experts in any context. I love logic. I appreciate that your approach is a common sense one; the kind that a reasonable juror should buy if a rational, logical cross-examination employs your techniques.

Nancy Treu

Excellent seminar…a practical, rigorous approach to cutting through the fog of "expertise". Good speaker…OJ example is excellent, but Musante knows the case a lot better than we do.

George Rosin, 50+ expert depos

The seminar is very practical to my practice. Musante is excellent…quick-witted and sharp. Seminar is better than others--more practical than local attorneys telling war stories on a panel. This seminar will provide a fresh construct for approaching the "crux" questions with medical experts.

Kris Treu, 300-400 expert depos

Excellent seminar…superb speaker. The best I have seen in many years. Best seminar…no comparison.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

Highly rated seminar…highly rated speaker. The best.

Anonymous, 10-15 expert depos

Provides practical real-life examples. Musante communicates well, is engaging and interesting.

Elena Jougorskaia, 5 expert depos

Extremely practical. Excellent instructor. Will improve my expert depos significantly.

Dennis J. Niermann, 3-4 expert depos

Very useful. Excellent instructor. Much more practical information than other "expert" seminars.

Abraham Lieberman, 10 expert depos, Baumgartner & O'Toole

Very good. I am not a practicing attorney, but use deposition techniques in arbitration and other employment matters. Musante is very good; keeps energy level in the room high.

Richard J. Mahon

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Richard Jacob, 150-200 expert depos

Much better than other "expert" seminars. Musante is very entertaining.

William P. Kienzl, 11 expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Always good to step back and re-think practices and principles of the craft.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Better than others.


Practical content: A+. Instructor: A+. Compared to other "expert" seminars: A+.


Best I've attended. Thought-provoking.

Anonymous, 300 expert depos

Excellent hands-on and practical approach. Excellent instructor!

Anonymous, 20+ expert depos

Very useful. Should prove very valuable as I have had no actual "training" in taking adverse expert depos.

Anonymous, 4 expert depos

Picked up some nuggets. Will help me organize adverse expert prep.

Anonymous, 200 expert depos

My first "expert" seminar ... very enjoyable. Musante loves to teach with examples and humor.