Comments from Chicago area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

"A+" seminar; "A+" speaker. A far superior seminar compared to others. I feel reborn!

Michael Durkin

"Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. This seminar is much better than others as it offers a "universal" approach. I expect my adverse expert depos will significantly improve.

Gary Matejcak, 20 expert depos

"Excellent seminar, particularly examples of questions to ask. Musante was great…lively, credible and interesting. As a former expert forensic toxicologist who's testified many times, I thought Musante nailed the true meaning behind our conclusions--"consistent with", "indicative", etc. OJ is a great example of this topic.

Shelley Kalita

"An extremely practical seminar. A superb speaker. Best.

Eric Palles, 200 expert depos

"Excellent seminar…either to know how to take an expert depo, or how to protect your experts when preparing them to give a deposition. This seminar was excellent and analytical by comparison to books and articles I've read.

Frank Spreng

"An insightful, reasoned, and applicable seminar. Excellent use of visual aids, repetition, and enthusiasm.

Michael DiSanto

"Excellent speaker…a Robin Williams approach of connecting the dots. This seminar requires the attorney to think, rather than follow an outline.

Elias Ghantous

"The seminar content wisely uses a familiar background of the OJ Simpson trial to make points about how to pin down the experts arguments and point out the weaknesses. Musante clearly gets points across regarding the logical progression of identifying the arguments and breaking down the expert's opinions. Use of audio-visual materials in support is well done. My adverse expert depos should improve 100%.

Thomas Arado, 1 expert depo

"Very good information…especially enjoyed utilization of O Simpson material. Excellent speaker. This seminar provides more of a broad approach that can be utilized in any type of case. This seminar will help me see the forest for the trees in attacking expert testimony.

Scott Verhey, 15 expert depos

"Very practical seminar…would like the speaker to run through the compete questioning he would ask to perfect the impeachments. An "A+" speaker.

Michael Randolph, 10 expert depos

"A very useful seminar…well organized; material was well thought out; and not superficial. Musante is very articulate, and keeps the audience's interest. This seminar gives me a tool to analyze and organize my attack on the basis of the opinions offered.

Jim Newman, 500 expert depos

"Very good, to-the-point and logical. Musante is dynamic and entertaining. O=R+2F is a logical approach to a field of science. Gives a better framework from which any expert can be deposed.

Theresa Nybrow-Alband, 15-20 expert depos, Chicago

"Solid practical content ... reintroduces critical questions and critical thinking. Musante is a thorough teacher. Will greatly improve the quality of my adverse expert depos.

Mark E. Leipold, 25 expert depos, Gould & Ratner, Chicago

"Excellent, succinct. Musante is very articulate and dynamic. More lively and grounded than most [seminars] because of speaker's experience.

John Kenney, 10 expert depos, Chicago

"This seminar was extraordinarily useful from a planning and implementations standpoint. Mr. Musante also presented his material in an organized and entertaining manner. Will extremely improve the rigor of my adverse expert depositions.

Vincent Paul Schmeltz, III, 4 expert depos, Chicago

"5 ... on a scale of 1-5. O=R+2F is the beauty of the seminar ... simple and effective!

Rick Darke, Duane Morris LLP, Chicago

"Musante's adverse expert opinion attack construct, O=R+2F, is the best idea resulting from a Jesuit education since Teilhard. Musante, like Teilhard, is a genius whose thoughts will haunt the rest of my life.

Kevin Connelly, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Not only provides a how, but why the how is right way to take an adverse expert's depo. I can approach my next adverse expert deposition with greater confidence. I now have the tools to take the biased [expert] down off of his pedestal. There's none better than Musante.

James Oh, 10 expert depos, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"The best. The bar for a Musante deposition is far higher than what clients or our profession generally expect. Only one's own personal work ethic -a desire for excellence- will compel an attorney to rigorously apply these rules in every deposition.

Mike Sheehan, 50 expert depos, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Being inexperienced, I'm so glad I've taken this seminar early in my career; I'll never settle for mediocrity in my depos!! Musante is fabulous! Kept our attention because we kept asking, "What is he going to say next?" while teaching valuable information. I wish I learned this for the first time in law school, but I know now that my depos will be better than anything I would have done without this seminar.

Heather Perry, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Excellent practical content; Musante is incredible; seminar far superior to others.

Jeanne Toft, 30+ expert depos, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Very useful. Can't wait to try the concepts out. Musante is most impressive; his use of examples is outstanding. The content of this seminar will shape my first expert depo and will likely be used in every expert depo thereafter. I'm sold!

John Berg, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Musante is great, very engaging with lots of energy. Kept my attention for the entire day. Seminar gave me a great first start on concepts/ideas; I have a leg up on some other future lawyers!

Steven Petric, Connelly Sheehan Moran


Tanya L. Jachiniak, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Exceptional. Livelier and more concrete than other seminars; hands-on approach. Will greatly improve my adverse expert depos.

Allison Stein, 23 expert depos, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Outstanding practical content; outstanding instructor. Will improve my expert depos by a wide margin.

Rob Liddle, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Musante is one of the two best teachers I've ever had the good opportunity to be exposed to. This seminar has alleviated most of my fear about "taking on" the other side's expert.

Terence Smith, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Excellent; very engaging and attention-keeping. Am just learning, but my skills will develop around these suggestions and ideas.

Tracy Liptack, Connelly Sheehan Moran

"Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. The "Expert Chart" is a great practical explanation.

Connelly Sheehan Moran attorney

"Musante has made a complicated subject understandable.

Connelly Sheehan Moran attorney

"Musante is engaging; loved the pace. The "Expert Chart" hit home ... made me believe that this is the only way to do it!

Connelly Sheehan Moran attorney

"Far and away better than other seminars. Will significantly improve my adverse expert depos.

Connelly Sheehan Moran attorney

"Excellent practical content. Musante is excellent, methodical and clear. A generic technique applicable to all sorts of cases.

Anonymous, Chicago

"I believe the practical content will prove helpful when put into actual use. Will very likely improve my expert depos ... I now have strategies to attack the next expert.

Anonymous, Chicago

"The content is informative and more interesting than most I have attended. Musante is energetic and communicates well.

Anonymous, 10-15 expert depos, Chicago