Comments from Cary and Charlotte area attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

Excellent seminar! Excellent speaker! And he forfeited lunch and breaks to answer questions. VERY accessible. The best seminar I've attended and I'm a CLE junkie.

Carol Anderson, 4-yr atty

An absolutely relevant and helpful seminar. Outstanding speaker…engaging and humorous at appropriate intervals. Didn't notice the time go by (as I usually do) during the CLE. This is not only the best deposition CLE seminar I've attended, but the best CLE attended in 7 years of practice.

Sean Soboleski, 4-yr atty, 5 adverse depos

Very good seminar. Excellent speaker…it's tough to keep it engaging by one person…and you did it.

Anonymous, 19-yr atty, 250 adverse depos

Seminar content goes against most of what I have been taught but is on-point in terms of what I have come to believe. Musante is an excellent teacher. Video tapes were great illustrations and were very effective.

Heath Finley, 1-yr atty, 1 adverse depo

Great seminar…great speaker.

Edward O'Neal, 20-yr atty, 50+ adverse depos

Very practical seminar…energetic, broad, entertaining and visionary. Superb seminar.

Frank Cassiano, 18-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

Very useful, practical seminar. Very engaging and entertaining speakers…holds audience attention well. An "8" on a scale of 1-10.

Jeremy Lindsley, 8-yr atty, 60-70 adverse depos

Very helpful seminar. Musante moves a little fast, but his repetition is a good technique. First depo seminar I've been to but more enjoyable than most CLEs.

Brian Fork, 1-yr atty, 1 adverse depo

Great presentation! I have learned a great deal about depositions. Outstanding speaker!

Lena Watts-Robinson, 5-month atty, 4 adverse depos

Very useful seminar…great teacher. Best depo seminar I've attended.

Tom Gray, 7-yr atty, 2 adverse depos

Good seminar…good speaker. Much more practical seminar compared to others, based on my 20 years of practice.

Mark Tempest, 26-yr atty, 50+ adverse depos

Highly practical seminar. Wish I had been taught this in law school. Very informative.

Ken Davies, 22-yr atty, 75 adverse depos

The course has significant practical application to every day litigation practice. Excellent speaker…very passionate about his subject.

Anonymous, 23-yr atty, 100s of adverse depos

Musante's teaching ability is extremely captivating.

Alisa Mitchell Black, 7-yr atty, 4 adverse depos

As someone without deposition experience, it was valuable to have "traditional wisdom" debunked and common pitfalls pointed out before I even get started.

Carmen Hoyme, 1/2-yr atty

Good seminar content--somewhat convoluted. Entertaining speaker. I really enjoyed the seminar. Others are dry simply listing info. I like the examples used…very entertaining.

Frank L., 6-yr atty, 3 adverse depos

Excellent content and presentation…second to none. This is the best I have ever attended, any time anywhere.

Edward Fiorella, 15-yr atty, 100 adverse depos, Cary

Excellent seminar…material is organized, concise and digestible. Musante has the ability to express his point effectively with candor and grace. Well integrated with presentation technologies. Musante has a particular flair for presenting and assimilating diverse categories of information into one format without losing the value within each category.

Chris Chleborowicz, 5-yr atty, 30+ adverse depos, Wilmington

Superior seminar…completely turns prior seminars upside down in terms of approach. Excellent and thought provoking seminar!

Derek Taylor, 6-yr atty, 10 adverse depos, Cary

This course is the best course I have ever taken! And I have been a lawyer for 14 years! I took an intense trial advocacy course (one year) and practiced with excellent trial lawyers, but I have never learned the majority of the principles taught at this seminar. Excellent seminar…excellent teacher.

Audrey Cooper, 6-yr atty, 3 adverse depos, Cary

This seminar eclipses other seminars I have taken…Musante has an outstanding teaching ability. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, this seminar is a 12!

Joe Stroud, 25-yr atty, 5 adverse depos, Jacksonville

Excellent seminar…excellent teacher. One of the best seminars I’ve attended. This seminar is bound to make my depositions more effective…it raised my appreciation for the importance of depositions vs. trial.

Michael Weddington, 29-yr atty, 75+ adverse depos, Raleigh

This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended. It was informative, enlightening, and provided me with useful tools to put into practice immediately. Musante was energetic, funny, and kept my attention.

Melissa Brumback, 4-yr atty, 30 adverse depos, Raleigh

This seminar will help to improve the quality of my depositions and will strengthen my strategy of “laying it on the table” during depositions. Musante was good in keeping subject focused throughout the seminar. Excellent use of the Clinton tapes to demonstrate subject matter. Enjoyed Musante’s good candor and humility.

Anonymous, 22-yr atty, 120 adverse depos, Cary

Content has high practical value to my civil litigation practice, where I consider the deposition to be where you win or lose your case. I liked the fact that Musante had new rules and lists of examples, rather than regurgitating the usual types of a deposition CLE. This seminar was much more practical and interesting—good use of visual aides and sounds … kept things interesting throughout the day.

Anonymous, 10-yr atty, 75 adverse depos, Cary

This seminar was much better than most … good, succinct rules to live by. The quality of my depos should improve immeasurably.

Johnny Loper, 19-yr atty, 200+ adverse depos, Womble Carlyle, Raleigh

A fabulous seminar! Musante is engaging and extremely informative. This is one of the 2 or 3 best I've attended.

Beth Hodges, 24-yr atty, 50+ adverse depos, Horack Talley Pharr & Lowndes, Charlotte

The pratical content of this seminar is very good. Musante is very good too. His use of powerpoints is very helpful. This seminar is better than most!

Martin Reidinger, 20-yr atty, 800+ adverse depos, Adams Hendon et al.

Very good seminar...very effective and helpful. This seminar is better than most!

Hunter C. Quick, 23-yr atty, 450 adverse depos, Cozen O'Connor.

A very useful, effective seminar. Musante is engaging, enthusiastic...excellent! This is one of the most valuable seminars I have ever taken.

W. Lewis Glenn, 6-yr atty, Parker Poe Adams & Bernsteiin LLP, Charlotte

Excellent seminar...I wish I could take the entire semester to develop real skills. Instructor is superior. This seminar is at the very top in content, presentation and value.

M. Clark Parker, 30-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos.

Extremely helpful! I came looking for specific techniques, "rule," and lessons for how to take an adverse deposition, and Robert gave them to us. Top-notch teaching ability. Robert kept my attention at all times. The video expamles he used were great teaching tools. I believe it will improve the quality of my adverse depositions tremendously.

Louis B. Meyer, III, 18-yr atty, 20 adverse depos.

Practical content of this seminar is very high. The seminar was presented in a way that I actually have a chance of remembering! Musante is great...highly entertaining, kept the class engaged throughout.

Pamela Pearson, 20-yr atty, dozens of adverse depos, Wachovia Securities

Excellent seminar...excellent speaker. This seminar will improve my planning, and my "trial" prep, BEFORE deposition.

Anonymous atty, Cary

Excellent. Very practical and hands-on. Every new lawyer should go to this before taking their first depo. Musante is very engaging. Use of multi-media and examples des a good job of iluustrating the points. A day well spent!

Kristin Toussaint, 6-yr atty, 5 adverse depos, Cary

Very good practical advice. Excellent instructor.

Kirk Hardymon, 9-yr atty, 30+ adverse depos, Cary

Best I have attended. Value of practical content: 110%. Musante is very good; kept my interest, was understandable and concise.

Ned McNaughton, 4-yr atty, 6 adverse depos, Cary

Excellent! Very effective, especially the use of video illustrations of actual cross-examinations. Provides a set of rules for obtaining benefits from depositions, other then simply discovery.

Darrell B. Cayton, Jr., 15-yr atty, 10 adverse depos, Cary

Much, much better than other full-day litigation seminars. Very valuable, very useful. Musante is entertaining, alive, humorous, knowledgeable, approachable. These rules counter several of the rules I knew, but I am not averse to bucking the trend or learning new techniques. These are clearer and backed up with real-world proof. This seminar should catapult the quality of my adverse depos! Leaps and bounds forward! Even if I don't rmember every single rule and technique, half of them will pay huge dividends.

John-Paul Schick, 4-yr atty, 3 adverse depos, Cary

Very useful and understandable. Musante has great ability, interesting, keeps everyone's attention, great knowledge of subject matter; very well prepared. Kept my attention all day and provided wonderful information. The rules presented are better and much more effective than rules I've been taught before.

T. Allen Gardner, Jr., 11-yr atty, 5 adverse depos, Cary

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Edwin H. Ferguson, Jr., 28-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos, Cary

Best I've attended. Very useful. Musante is compelling and very capable. Very entertaining!

Gerard A. Bos, 25-yr atty, 200+ adverse depos, Cary

Better than any I have attended. Very practical. A lot of information!

Dayle Flammin, 21-yr atty, 400 adverse depos, Cary

Superb public speaker. Very useful information. One of the three best seminars I have attended.

Oliver Read, 3-yr atty, 25 adverse depos, Cary

Best I have attended. Excellent practical content. Musante is eximious. Will increase my vision and preparation and attention to detail.

Doug Hargrave, 25-yr atty, 100 adverse depos, Cary

Easily the best. Musante is outstanding. Excellent practical content. Radically different from the orthodox method I was taught. Will greatly improve my adverse depositions.

Dan Basnight, 4-yr atty, 25 adverse depos, Cary

Very good usable material. Musante is excellent: vivid illustrations, energetic presentation. Best use of powerpoint that I've seen.

Jim Dorsett, 25-yr atty, "many" adverse depos, Cary

Very practical. Well worth the time and money. Gives a new perspective and approach in the "tool kit."

John Britton, 8-yr atty, 4 adverse depos, Cary

Great! I was awake, tuned-in, and only wantng to hear more, more, more! Very useful tools that I look forward to practicing. Musante is fantastic -- able to convey comlex ideas in an accessible and entertaining way. With practice, I will be able to master the skills presented so I just may turn out to be a great deposition taker.

Greta Katz, 4-yr atty, 2 adverse depos, Cary

Most useful I've been to. Excellent practical content; outstanding instructor.

James F. Jordan, 15-yr atty, 20 adverse depos, Cary

Completely practical. Superb teacher. Will certainly give me logical basis to take chance on techniques.

Walter W. Baker, Jr., 37-yr atty, 100s of adverse depos, Cary

Excellent practical content; specific examples very helpful. Musante is a great speaker, very animated, good sense of humor ... I could easily imagine a 2-3 day workshop.

Amy Bonifield, 4-yr atty, 4 adverse depos, Cary

The content is extremely useful, very concrete suggestions for quality questions. Excellent instructor.

Lee Hogewood, 13-yr atty, 30-50 adverse depos, Cary

Excellent practical content. Wonderful instructor. I hd to get in CLE hours --- tried to pick one to keep me awake --- I succeeded marvelously!

Sandra Herring, 5 adverse depos, Cary

Superior seminar...superior speaker. This seminar is the best I've ever taken.

Anonymous, 12-yr atty, 80 adverse depos, Cary

The seminar's verbal and printed information are excellent. Musante was well-prepared, well-informed and enthusiastic in his delivery. The creative video presentation added interest. Musante's humor was refreshing! This seminar is much more helpful and informative than other seminars I have attended.

Anonymous, 6-yr atty, Cary

Excellent seminar...good ideas and format for effective strategy in taking depositions. It provides me with a different approach to planning a deposition. Musante is very humorous, and he's very effective in his use of video in his presentation.

Anonymous, 35-yr atty, 75+ adverse depos, Cary

"The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

Excellent seminar. Excellent speaker. Musante presents his material in a cogent and entertaining manner.

Anna Osborne

Considerable practical content. I expect materials to be very useful and help me to prepare for the next deposition and trial. Musante is impressive…entertaining, engaging, infectious humor. Seminar delivered as promised…very practical.

G. Osborne, 20-yr atty, 25-40 adverse depos

Very practical suggestions. Very engaging and focused speaker. The seminar gave definition to a lot of techniques I had used previously on an intuitional level. It will help me apply these techniques in a more effective, consistent way.

Anonymous, 20-yr atty, 100s of adverse depos

Seminar content is extremely entertaining and informative. The most enjoyable seminar I've been to.

Brian Hochman, 10-yr atty, 40-50 adverse depos

Great seminar…imperative. Excellent speaker.

Luke Barra, 5-yr atty, 30 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…everything is based on reality. Excellent speaker…almost like a stand-up comedian. Moves so rapidly and entertainingly that there is no time to be bored.

Phillip Wright, 6-yr atty, 10 adverse depos

Seminar an "8" out of 10. Musante is very energetic and knowledgeable of the subject matter and does a great job teaching the material.

Anonymous, 10-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Outstanding speaker! Video clips made my attention span more durable. I am hopeful that my skills to take effective depositions will extend my success rate in settlements and/or at trials.

Lena Watts-Robinson, 5-month atty, 4 adverse depos

Excellent speaker. Wonderful, entertaining method of teaching the theorms.

Kerry Everett, 2-yr atty, 2 adverse depos

Outstanding seminar…great principles taught through concrete examples. Excellent speaker…engaging, knowledgeable with good humor mixed in. Great examples...very helpful and entertaining.

Jon Adams, 10-yr atty

Great seminar…excellent speaker…clear, logical, and entertaining. Videos provided context with concrete examples…very illustrative of concepts.

Rosemary J., 21-yr atty, many adverse depos

Very practical information. One of the best CLE teachers I've heard. Great combination of entertaining style and practical information. Excellent examples…information would not have resonated so forcefully without the video clips.

Teresa Thomas, 8-yr atty, 25 adverse depos

A really great seminar…excellent speaker.

Sharpe, 21-yr atty, 100s of adverse depos

Good, useful practice tips. Lots to make you think about critically. Musante has a solid command of the subject matter. Good communication skills.

Mark Kinghorn, 5-yr atty, 20 adverse depos