Comments from Atlanta area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent seminar. Musante has armed me with enough content to take a better expert deposition tomorrow. His logic and humor are powerful pedagogical tools and Musante knows how to use them.

David Johnson, 400+ expert depos, Atlanta

Excellent seminar. Robert's passion comes through and he keeps students' "eyes forward and ears open!" Seminar far superior to others.

Lance LoRusso, 10+ expert depos

Very helpful seminar. Excellent speaker…high energy, smart, funny. This seminar will help improve my expert depositions to a great extent.

Rebecca Williams, Troutman Sanders, Atlanta

Very good review with great illustrations. Musante is articulate, lively, informative, knowledgeable…I'd attend another seminar.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Highly practical seminar…top notch speaker…candid, funny, snappy…class doesn’t bog down. Seminar much better than others because it focuses on methodology rather than merely examples.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Excellent seminar…best seminar on expert opinion I've taken. Excellent speaker. Seminar much better than others.

Norman Crowe

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Seminar far superior to others.

Jay Patton, 10 expert depos

"A+" seminar…very good speaker.

Keith Scott, 10+ expert depos

Excellent…enjoyed the examples, highlights, listening to the precise words used by expert as opposed to the "gist" of opinion. Excellent speaker. I will listen much more carefully to the expert and hammer him for hypocrisy or "wiggle" words.

Thomas Walker, 20+ expert depos

Presentation provided tangible, concrete and easy to understand concepts. Broken down into very logical steps and provides a check list. Musante is excellent! Engaging, funny, and very clear. Great use of teaching tools too…really enjoyed the OJ clips--very illustrative of points taught--and the handouts and Powerpoint presentation.

Terri Piazza, 15 expert depos

Strong seminar…excellent speaker. The seminar will sharpen my focus of attack.

Marvin Pastel, 20+ expert depos

Excellent speaker! He is very dynamic and energetic. He pauses to allow for questions and is very accessible during breaks. I will engage in better critical listening and be prepared to look more closely and X and Y factors.

5-10 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. This seminar is much more practical than others.

Leigh Bodner

Superior seminar…very good speaker. This seminar will provide me with more structure and practical approach to future depositions.

Bill Shepherd, 10 expert depos, Morris Manning & Martin, Atlanta

Very clear, concise and relevant seminar. Musante's presentation was excellent…very engaging.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Very good seminar… solid tips were definitely covered. Musante is excellent. He seems to have boundless energy.

Dennis Kurz, 2 expert depos, The Rose Law Firm, Atlanta

Excellent seminar…it gave reason to re-evaluate my principle of "impeach only at trial." Musante is excellent…his passion for subject matter, visual aids and great sense of humor make this a lively program. This seminar turns exercise into art, not just function.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Very good seminar…extremely good teacher. Top tier seminar.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Very practical seminar. Excellent speaker. He clearly put a great deal of time and effort into making the presentation interesting and useful.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Excellent seminar…very good speaker. The best. This seminar will improve the quality of my future expert depos from night to day. It is like starting over after 3 decades.

John McGill, 12 expert depos

Good seminar…good speaker. This seminar is better than most I have attended. I believe the seminar will help improve my depos immeasurably.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Enormously valuable. Superb instructor. Use of Baden testimony was extraordinarily effective. Will improve the quality of my adverse expert depos immeasurably.

William M. Dreyer

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. As good or better than other "expert" depo seminars.

Andrew J. Hamilton, 200+ expert depos, Hamilton, Westby, Antonowich & Anderson, LLC, Atlanta

The rapid-fire presentation is good. It keeps the attention of all attendees and delivers more information. Musante is very knowledgeable and confident, which corroborates the material. The questions provoke creative thinking. I believe in this system and will use it in my next adverse expert deposition.

David R. Moore, Peachtree Law Group, PA, Atlanta

Excellent practical content. Musante is excellent, engaging, articulate and comprehensive. Will greatly improve my adverse expert depositions.

Bridgette Eckerson, Budd, Larner, Rosenbaum, Greenberg & Sade, Atlanta

Excellent practical content. Extremely effective style of teaching. Superior compared to other expert depo seminars. Has provided valuable insights into attacking an expert's opinions through a structured cross-examination at deposition.

Gary Thomas, 3 expert depos

Excellent instructor. Best audio/visual presentation ever seen or witnessed. Appears to be the best tactic I've come across. As a sole practitioner, I have to really weigh the cost and productivity lost during seminar time vs. the benefits. This seminar gives me tools I need to effectively depose experts. I will improve immensely.

William C. Gottschalk

Very practical and can transfer into practice. Musante does a good job of keeping audience's attention. It will improve my depositions tremendously. Provides a framework in which to take an adverse expert's deposition.

Bryan Baer, 1 expert depo, Drew, Eckl & Farnham, LLP, Atlanta

Very helpful; very interesting and interactive instructor. It will help me to remain focused and be more probing during expert depositions.

Monica Owens, Decker, Hallman, Barber & Briggs, Atlanta

Engaging and authoritative instructor. Valuable because it's a fresh look at the subject; a logical approach.

Tom Lundin, 5 expert depos, King & Spalding, Atlanta

Very strong instructor. While I already employed some of these techniques, the seminar will help put these elements in a consistent and logical formula.

Deanna Johnson, 30+ expert depos, Cruser & Mitchell, LLP, Atlanta

One of the better seminars I've attended. Moves very quickly so it is hard to cover all the info, but the points that are covered are helpful. Will be helpful to my adverse expert depos for certain.

Rob Hoskyn, 5-10 expert depos, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP, Atlanta

Fabulous – very insightful, logical and seemingly easy to apply principles. Musante is great, very engaging and down-to-earth. Will hopefully improve my expert depos a lot! I know I will be better prepared for my slew of upcoming expert depos.

Danielle Cole, 3 expert depos, Hall, Booth, Smith & Slover, PC, Atlanta

Best I have attended.

Tim Bumann, Budd, Larner, Gross, Rosenbaum, Greenberg, Atlanta

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor ... the best I've seen. Better than other "expert" seminars, more practical info, less war stories.

Tom Reilly, 3 expert depos, Troutman Sanders, LLP

Very practical content. Excellent instructor. Will help my expert depos significantly.

Kenneth R. Ozment, 1 expert depo

A+. I'm very pleased with what I've learned and eager to use my new-found knowledge. Musante is wonderful – engaging and motivating – made the presentation interesting and draws audience in.

Karen Smiley Focia, 2 expert depos, Finley & Buckey, PC, Atlanta

Very practical; gives a good methodology for preparing for and taking any expert deposition. Musante is effective and entertaining. Will improve my expert depos by providing a clear method/direction and some basic objectives.

30 expert depos

Very enjoyable seminar as well as a very effective learning experience. Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. This is far superior to other expert deposition seminars. Will definitely improve the quality of my expert depositions.

20+ expert depos

Great substantive information. If I can synthesize the info provided, I think the seminar will greatly improve the quality of my expert depos.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Very helpful in taking analytical approach breaking down expert testimony. Better, more practical than other "expert" seminars; not too focused on expert's subject matter.

20+ expert depos

Helpful information; very engaging and entertaining instructor.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Extremely helpful. Very strong teaching ability. Much better than the other two "expert" seminars I've attended.

10 expert depos

Very useful. Excellent instructor. Good analogies and examples, visual aids very helpful.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Excellent practical content. Disturbing not to have come across this sooner. Musante is a great communicator. Will improve my expert depos considerably.

20 expert depos

Excellent practical content; high teaching ability. Superior compared to others. I will improve significantly.

14 expert depos

Very good practical content; easily and quickly applied to my practice. Musante is very good, interesting and informative. Will greatly improve my expert depos.

2 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Much better than other "expert" seminars. I have no doubt my expert depos will improve.

20 expert depos

This seminar is very conceptual but also very practical. Musante is very interesting and uses a/v components well. Because there is so much material, should be two days. Will allow me to frame better questions and pin down the expert.

2 expert depos

Excellent practical content. I am not experienced and this frames my questions and helps me know how to structure my line of questions and presentation.

5-10 expert depos

Excellent seminar…very thought-provoking. Musante is an excellent teacher…quick sense of humor.

Anonymous, Atlanta

Musante is exceptionally engaging. Very good specific pointers and techniques for expert cross.

Scott Creasman, 20 expert depos, Powell Goldstein

Excellent practical content! Excellent instructor! Every lawyer should be required to take every Musante seminar. Seminar proved his paradigm conclusively. Should I ever take an expert depo, I will be prepared, thanks to this seminar.

Salena Gordon, Powell Goldstein

This seminar proved highly informative, and is well worth attending for any practicing attorney. Musante is highly effective. His construct "O=R+2F" is now a universal formula to me. I am a new attorney, thus, I found this seminar to provide me with a valuable foundation.

Sanjay Ghosh, Powell Goldstein

The nuggets of the seminar are excellent. Very many practical suggestions as to approaching and conducting expert depos. I enjoy the speaker's approach and was impressed by his ability. It most certainly will improve the quality of my expert depo prep.

Carl Gebo, 3 expert depos, Powell Goldstein

Musante is terrific, very entertaining.

Ryan Pumpian, 2 expert depos, Powell Goldstein

Great practical content. Great instructor, very interesting and engaging style. It gave me an excellent foundation from which to depose an adverse expert.

Eugene Smith, Powell Goldstein

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Very helpful to go through logically how to analyze and take apart expert opinion.

2 expert depos, Powell Goldstein

Excellent. Mix of video and audio was very effective.

200 expert depos

Provides a terrific foundation for organizing not only depositions but also eliminating factual issues for trial.


Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.