Comments from Madison and Milwaukee area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Wow…so much to think things, common sense approach that seems to be logical, consistent and practical. Excellent speaker.

Ken Anselment

I'm a neophyte at expert depos and learned a great deal. I also get lost because too scientific. Very entertaining and detailed seminar…well organized. Great idea to use OJ case to prove points. This seminar will really make me cognizant of types of questions, and follow-ups, to ask, and the importance of listening.

Barbara Buhai, 8 expert depos

4-star seminar. An enlightening and entertaining speaker.

Tim Schdewe, 10 expert depos

Excellent seminar…I'm a veteran criminal prosecutor with 100s of criminal trials…however, I've only been a civil litigator for 3 years and the art of the deposition is what I came here for. Musante's a pro. He's found his calling. His pace is exhilarating and the day flew by without the usual boredom of being droned at. Baden's medical testimony made this THE MOST CAPTIVATING seminar I have been to in memory. The OJ case was one of the most fascinating to me as a lawyer and provided a good framework for the teaching points.

Lennie Lehman, 15 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Better seminar than others.

Dennis Cossi, 1000 expert depos

Excellent seminar, though I have minimal criminal background. The principles apply to civil too…they're all the same. Excellent speaker…his enthusiasm is infectitious!

Anonymous, 1000 expert depos

Very good seminar as far as helping cross examining lawyers organize and emphasize points. Very good speaker.

Ned Czajkowski, 100 expert depos

Very useful information; useful for any kind of legal proceeding where expert opinion is a part of the evidence. Musante is very enthusiastic…loves his work…very effective teacher. He holds the audience's attention throughout the presentation. This seminar will greatly enhance my confidence to challenge an expert.

William Appel, 6 expert depos

A very practical seminar as the outlines and suggestions are materials that I can review prior to my next expert depo. The ideas really stick. Musante is very effective and engaging; also the practical experiences behind the teaching provides an intriguing context. This seminar will give me more confidence in asking "all" the questions and pushing the expert through all factors.

Molly Arranz, 3 expert depos

Every litigation lawyer should take this seminar. It is required to competently examine any expert. Musante has a profound grasp of the ways/technology to instruct effectively. This is the best seminar on exposing dishonest experts. Perfect vignettes.

Jim Samuelsen, 500 expert depos

Most of the seminar is outstanding; but there is too much unnecessary info. Musante is an excellent communicator…very intelligent, likeable person. Very valuable seminar, especially on adverse issue. This seminar will give me the confidence and awareness going into a depo that something can always be accomplished. I will be better at "pinning them down". The Simpson trial is both popular, interesting and familiar to all, so that has obvious benefits. Musante is a skilled speaker, mastery of subject matter…a valuable conference to attend. Outstanding presentation.

Anonymous, 30 expert depos

Very practical seminar content. Good presentation. I believe this seminar will be very helpful to my ability to take effective expert depos in the future.

George Peek, 10 expert depos

Very helpful to have things diagrammed…great visual road map for taking expert depos. Very engaging speaker.

Brent Nistler, 5 expert depos

"B+" speaker. Very good seminar…structure offered is much more useful than the typical "war story" effort to impress.

Josh Levy, 25 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Seminar is very fast paced. To fully understand and implement the strategies discussed, I will need to further review the course materials.

Don Murphy, 50 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Equal to the best.

Frank Jablonski