Comments from Washington, D.C. attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

An incredibly helpful and useful seminar…excellent instructor! Impressive logic. This seminar has enhanced my critical listening skills and has provided guidance on getting the testimony desired.


Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. I am the Expert…I now know the attacks.

L.J. Ross, 10 expert depos

Seminar is an excellent companion to the Great Depo class. Great job! Thoughtful effort to keep audience's attention.


Excellent seminar…a 10 out of 10. Superb speaker…10 out of 10. This seminar far exceeds the ALI-ABA expert depo seminar. The teaching points were well illustrated and well summarized to make it easy to GET them.

Doug Wright, 15-20 expert depos

Excellent analysis of the need (in a depo) for tenacious, aggressive confrontation, employing the logic of language. Musante's command of semantics makes him a master of the philosophy of depositions. He is excellent, with interesting and attention-keeping variety. Skillful use of a broad spectrum of knowledge used perceptively to illustrate teaching targets. Best use of practical logic since I studied philosophy. I am looking forward to pinning down the deponent on details premised on the "principles" justifying his rationale.

John D. Hemenway, 10 expert depos

Excellent seminar. The focus on analysis of expert issues/deposition structure will certainly be of great use. Musante is energetic and entertaining…kept me awake.

Michael Guiffre, 7 expert depos

Good seminar…it almost takes an auditor's approach in dissecting an expert's opinion. Musante is as good as some of my favorite law professors. This seminar is among the better.

Robert Vitarelli


Very good seminar…a lot to absorb. Very good speaker…lively and entertaining. Seminar much better compared to others because it provides a comprehensive methodology to prepare for expert depo and cross-exam.

Anonymous, 3 expert depos

Excellent practical content but organization makes it difficult to put into effect. Musante is a good teacher…many examples…keeps going at high energy level.

Anonymous, 25 expert depos

Useful seminar…extremely energetic and engaging speaker.

Anonymous, 150 expert depos