Comments from Vermont attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent! The best presenter I have seen in a CLE. Excellent practical content. Very good info/suggestions/techniques. Great use of technology too.

Heidi Groff

As valuable as any other full-day seminar. Very helpful framework for expert depositions. Musante is engaging and interesting. "Opinion" attacks were great.

David Boadt

Excellent practical content. Musante captivated the audience. Excellent use of video and power points to provide examples, and effectively tie-in of abstract concepts in concrete examples.

Todd Schlossberg, 25+ expert depos

Very good; sets up a framework that you can use for all expert depositions.

Shannon Beltrand, 5 expert depos

Very good practical content. Info relevant and necessary. Quality very good -- practical and aggressive methods applicable to any type of expert -- provides a great framework for practical use.

Laura Pelosi

Excellent practical content. Musante is incredibly talented. Well worth the $$!

Richard Holmes

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Best (and only) "expert" seminar.

John R. Hughes, Jr., 20 expert depos

Very effective. Smooth presentation. Equal to or better than others.

Matt Hart, 10 expert depos

Highly practical. Musante is excellent.


Much better than most. Good use of examples from real situations. I'll come again next year!


Very informative and useful ... bottom line ... much, much more preparation time needed before depo. Musante is excellent.

Anonymous, 5 expert depos

More useful and practical than most. Very helpful to organize my approach to expert depos.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Solid content. Higher value than most. Musante is excellent; high energy. "Opinion" attacks are excellent.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

Very useful and practical for any type of depo. Good dynamic presentation.

Anonymous, 4 expert depos