Comments from Vancouver area lawyers who attended
"The Knockout Examination" on December 1, 2011

Excellent seminar … awesome speaker. Totally different approach to conducting cross-FDs. His techniques are invaluable.
Laird Hiatt, 19-yr lawyer, 120 discovery exams


Excellent seminar … REAL learning. A superb and entertaining speaker. Excellent analytical and practical strategic use of language and logic.
IB Petersen, 20-yr lawyer


Practical content … it can be used tomorrow. No fluff. What can I say about Musante … I wish even one of my law school profs was this dynamic. Most relevant seminar. If Musante is invited back, I will have the other 6 lawyers in my firm attend … this is very basic stuff that we should all be exposed to. Get this guy back ASAP!
Lee Cowley, 15-yr lawyer, 300 discovery exams


Very helpful, tangible, practical examples of techniques that are easy to implement. Musante is a 10 out of 10. This seminar has a pulse others do not. Video clips exceptional.
Mike Reynolds, 5-yr lawyer, 3 discovery exams


Very highly rated seminar. Superb speaker. Best ever seminar. Found it extremely informative and entertaining.
Alan David, 3-yr lawyer, 15 discovery exams


Great seminar. Enjoyed how Musante continued to underscore the 3 pillars of an effective EFD. Memorable "catch phrases" and video. Great speaker … very enthusiastic. Enjoyed the variety in use of aids to reduce risk of redundancy/increase attention span. Very enjoyable seminar. Changed my view of how to conduct discovery and treat it as very important considering statistics on settlement.
Anon, 1-yr lawyer, 3 discovery exams


Very good seminar. Typically US presenters conduct seminars that are not practical in Canada (different rules of court, evidence, etc) but the principles in this course were applicable and almost universal. Excellent speaker … clear and concise … very enthusiastic … well organized. Best seminar I have been to on this subject. I hope Musante returns to BC again … thanks for sharing your passion.
Michael Elliott, 275 discovery exams


Very practical seminar … applicable and useful in every day case construction. Musante has a passion for cross-examination.
Chris Bacon, 25-yr lawyer


First seminar I've heard that taught me technique … not law/rules. Excellent speaker. Unique seminar. Musante kept everyone alive.
Malini Dyonisius, 18-yr lawyer


Relevant and reliable seminar. Musante effective … held my attention. Seminar "at the top." Excellent presentation.
Anon, 35-yr lawyer


Practical seminar … memorable. Entertaining and erudite. Seminar better than many. Looks like you're having fun teaching … it was fun to be here.
C. Lewis, 26-yr lawyer


Very forceful and practical seminar. Musante is concise, thoughtful, and useful to practicing the discipline.
Dennis Jackernick, 26-yr lawyer


Content was good … and take-aways were good but some sections were too repetitive. A little too much repetition and I don't like the yelling and sound effects. Otherwise, a dynamic speaker.
Leslie Woo, 3-yr lawyer, 5 discovery exams


Excellent seminar … excellent speaker.
Glenn Niemela, 23-yr lawyer, 100+ discovery exams


Very good seminar. Not many CLEs touch on crafting cross-examination questions … lots of practical advice in this one. Very good speaker but first hour could have been greatly abbreviated. Very persuasive seminar. I disagree on a few points.
R. Glen Boswell, 21-yr lawyer, 80 discovery exams


Very helpful seminar. Musante is engaging and clear. Great use of multimedia. Seminar more practical with better use of specific examples than others.
Stephanie Drake, 3-yr lawyer


I liked the seminar. Fun and dynamic … like the style. Vivid … keeps people awake at seminars. Wonderful seminar. Thanks.
Lind Ben Ling Chen, 1-yr lawyer


Good seminar … explains a lot of what I've seen on other's transcripts and covers things never taught. Engaging speaker.
Joel Hill, 3-yr lawyer, 10 discovery exams


Very useful seminar in challenging existing myths. Very capable speaker…animated and passionate about the subject.
Charles Atbas, 5-yr lawyer, 10 discovery exams


Very good seminar … very good speaker. I liked the incorporated videos and transcripts.
Anon, 24-yr lawyer


Extremely useful seminar. Excellent speaker.
Steven Lesiuk


Seminar easy to follow and interesting. Speaker clear, enthusiastic. Good illustrations. Excellent examples.
2-yr lawyer, 35 discovery exams


Excellent seminar … very good speaker. Slides are a bit cheesy.
Cameron Elder, 5-yr lawyer, 20 discovery exams


Very high quality material emphasizing very common pitfalls. First rate speaker.
Lawrence G., 36-yr lawyer, 400+ discovery exams


Useful seminar … practical and applicable to an active practice. High quality speaker.
S. Patro, 5-yr lawyer, 5 discovery exams


Very practical content. A lot of useful examples were used … very interesting. Excellent speaker … gifted.
Monica Monroy, 2-yr lawyer, 20 discovery exams


Very effective speaker. Transitions well between teaching points and presentation aids (movies, past cases). Very passionate about topic, which maintains listener's interest. Best and most practical seminar on examinations for discovery I've attended. Logic is impeccable, as is ability to speak succinctly and accurately.
Michael Peraya, 5-yr lawyer, 15 discovery exams


Very good seminar. Practica l… good … much needed.
Richard Lee, 20-yr lawyer