Comments from Toronto area attorneys who attended "The Knockout Examination"(aka "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques)

Great practical suggestions that I plan on making part of my discovery routine. I really enjoyed Robert's style of speaking. I generally "tune out" during long meetings, but Robert held my attention the entire time. I feel like I will have an "edge" over other counsel if I put these techniques into practice.

Ted Frankel, 1.5-yr lawyer, 5 exams

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. The best.

Lou Brzezinski, 25-yr lawyer, 150 exams

A very thought-provoking, practical and interesting seminar. Musante is very good…persuasive.

J. Glyde Hone, 20-yr lawyer, 100 exams

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. The videos assisted the teaching points…most important, they kept the seminar lively and interesting.

Catherine Francis, 18-yr lawyer, 100 exams

A useful and entertaining seminar. Top notch speaker…almost as good as me. Seminar worth the money. Videos very illustrative and entertaining.

Anonymous, 15-yr lawyer, 25 exams

Very good seminar…techniques have application to more than cross-exam. Musante is excellent…clear and entertaining. Videos are super. The seminar can't help but improve the quality of my discoveries because I will at least consider how to apply the principles.

Anonymous, 28-yr lawyer, 50 exams

The best yet! A+ practical content; A+ instructor.

Howard C. Cohen, 26-yr atty, 50 adverse depos, Cohen, Sabsay LLP

Excellent. I especially appreciated the efforts made to adapt the content to Canadian/Ontario law which is often lacking with other speakers from the states. Entertaining, gifted speaker. Superior seminar.

Anonymous, 15-yr lawyer, 150 exams

"A" content; "A" speaker. Informative, useful.

Robert Rogers, 25-yr lawyer, 100s of exams

Superb seminar, excellent speaker. One of the best seminars I've ever attended.

Laszlo Dandy, 26-yr lawyer, 300+ exams

Excellent content…great speaker, very interesting. As good or better than other seminars.

Brian McCall, 26-yr lawyer, 1500 exams

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Better than most.

Anonymous, 29-yr lawyer, 100+ exams

Musante is like the energizer bunny ... very dynamic and entertaining.

Anonymous, 26-yr lawyer, 15 exams

Very practical anecdotal information as well as good critical analysis of real discoveries.

High energy speaker…captures and holds the audience's attention.

Fernand A. Majid, 2-yr lawyer, 5 exams

Very practical seminar. I appreciated the effort to "translate" things into the Canadian context. Excellent speaker!

Anonymous, 7-yr lawyer, 100-200 exams

Excellent content. Appreciated Musante's ability to engage the material outside of just setting out rules etc. A clear, effective communicator. One of the best lecture-type seminars.

Anonymous, 7-yr lawyer, 60 exams

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. This seminar was more practical and more entertaining than others.

Anonymous, 13-yr lawyer, 11 exams

Very good seminar. Entertaining, captive, contextual. Seminar better than average litigation or practical examples/applications. Will improve the quality of my exams to a great extent ... several years of "learning" the substantive law and procedural rules ... little if any training or instruction on techniques and skill, which is arguably the most important part of practice ... excellent job!

Lynette Corbett, 2-yr lawyer, 3 exams

Seminar very helpful. Musante is the "Billy Beane" of litigation theory, attempting to redefine advocacy skills we all treat as dogma and open our eyes to a new way of thinking about examinations for discovery. Best seminar.

James Kendik, 5-yr lawyer, 20 exams

Very high practical content -- forces you to rethink "truisms". Musante's teaching ability is very high, and litigation counsel are always a tough crowd.

Anonymous, 11-yr lawyer, "lots" of exams

Musante is vibrant and excited about his topic. His energy pulled me in and encouraged me to stay for the entire presentation.

Jane Poproski, 1-yr, 100 exams

Very good practical content. Loved the energy and even the metaphors! Most lecturers put me to sleep by 3pm; you don't! Thanks.

John Ryder-Burbidge, 18-yr lawyer, 200 exams

Practical and relevant. Excellent speaker…fast yet clear. This seminar ranks amongst the better ones.

Moses Muyal, 12-yr lawyer, 40 exams

Excellent seminar…it can be adopted and incorporated immediately. Excellent speaker, clear and concise communicator…his points are very effective. There will be a dramatic increase in the quality of my examinations for discovery.

Gerry Gill, 2-yr lawyer, 20 exams

Informative, very well prepared, thought provoking Seminar much better than others I've attended.

Nancy Erickson

Learned many new things that I will likely be able to apply. Musante very good…mix of audio and video materials helped maintain the flow and interest. I like the lecture method here better than the typical advocacy skills problems with role playing, etc.

E.M. Green, 29-yr lawyer, 250 exams

Excellent practical content, hopefully I can remember to put everything I learned to good use in practice. Musante has an excellent rapport with the group. Has the ability to communicate in a fun way. This seminar is way above the rest of the crowd.

Lisa D. Belcourt, 5-yr lawyer, 100 exams

Very practical seminar; the theory is helpful as well. Excellent speaker.

M. Gregory Ellies, 18-yr lawyer, 100 exams

A skilled teacher, very entertaining, keeps attention. My firm's money has been well spent!

Anonymous, 2-yr lawyer

Excellent seminar, very engaging, funny, self-deprecating speaker.

Katherine M. Pollock, 16-yr lawyer, 100 exams

It will be useful in the conduct of all future discoveries. Musante's enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious and his presentation method (slides, sounds, movies) stimulating.

T. J. Law, 13-yr lawyer, 30 exams

Very good seminar, excellent speaker. Seminar rates on par with the best. Top 10.

Anonymous, 22-yr lawyer, 800-1200 exams

Very high practical content. Novel but impressive speaker. My exams should improve substantially.

Anonymous, 40-yr lawyer

Concrete and detailed. Excellent speaker: clear, engaging, uses examples and makes his points very effectively. This is better than almost all CLEs.

Anonymous, 4-yr lawyer, 15 exams


Geoffrey Larmer, 10-yr lawyer, 75 exams

Very useful…excellent speaker. Seminar is far better than others. Speaker maintains attention with enthusiasm and sharp examples.

David S. Steinberg, 6-yr lawyer, 15 exams

Excellent seminar, exceptional speaker. Far superior to any other advocacy seminars.

Kyle Seeback. 4-yr lawyer, 10 exams

Very practical. Superb speaker. Seminar is as good as the best.

Mike Adams, 28-yr lawyer, 50 exams

Useful, entertaining. Speaker very engaging, kept audience integrated in material. Enjoyed practical examples.

Anonymous, 1-yr lawyer

Very good seminar and speaker. In the top rank, one of the best.

Anonymous, 20-yr lawyer, 150 exams

Great seminar. The U.S. approach alone is good. Musante's approach is original and thought provoking. I think that this is the single most instructive and informative seminar that I have ever taken.

Simona T. Jellinek, 8-yr lawyer

Effective tips, first-hand knowledge to practice. Musante's great, humorous, witty, brilliant. Very high caliber speaker.

Karen Kwan Anderson, 4-yr lawyer, 20-30 exams

Very dynamic speaker, very effective, practical, entertaining. Without question, this was the best quality seminar I've attended.

Jason Morse, 3-yr lawyer, 2-5 exams

Excellent seminar, excellent speaker. Loved the crisp and timely pacing along with the video clips.

Anonymous, 5- yr lawyer, 20 exams

Seminar content was clearly communicated and well illustrated. Enlivening! Fresh! Motivating!

Kerri Kamra, 13-yr lawyer, 100s exams

Dynamic and entertaining speaker...seminar very useful and goes against conventional wisdom. Seminar far better than most.

Charlie Chang, 3-yr lawyer, 8 exams

Excellent, excellent. Seminar ranks at or near the top.

Ron Bohm, 18-yr lawyer, 300 exams

Outstanding seminar. Top 10%. My exams will improve substantially.

Ellen Anderson, 6-y lawyer, 4 exams

Very practical seminar, also funny topical examples. Excellent speaker. Seminar was punchy, colorful, arresting. The seminar will make me work harder, refine my technique.

Barbara Byers, 22-yr lawyer, 110 exams

Very useful seminar. Entertaining, provokes thought.

James Kerr, 27-yr lawyer, "are you kidding?" number of exams

Very direct, topical. Effective, direct speaker. Excellent seminar. This seminar will definitely help to tighten up my questioning style.

Anonymous, 8-yr lawyer, 90 exams

Fantastic, enthusiastic and to-the-point speaker. I've never before conducted an EFO, but I've reviewed enough transcripts to know that not many people follow the advice provided in this seminar and that their examinations would be improved if they did.

Anonymous, 2-yr lawyer

Fun, fast-paced, informative seminar. Excellent speaker.

G.P. Belch. 2-yr lawyer, 500 exams

Very helpful seminar, thought-provoking. Engaging, persuasive speaker. Good use of examples to explain theory. I have always instinctively felt discovery should be treated more seriously, but have never heard it articulated so well.

Anonymous, 13-yr lawyer, 25-30 exams

Excellent seminar, excellent speaker. I will certainly re-evaluate the methods and tactics taught to me by very talented senior practitioners over the years, and hopefully be able to hone existing skills and develop newly acquired ones.

Anonymous, 15-yr lawyer, 1,000+ exams

Top-notch. Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Full of content, nothing superfluous. Undermines all of the old myths regarding the purpose and approach to discovery examinations and gives a pathway to a new approach. Teaches effective questioning technique to get admissions necessary for favorable settlements.

Danette Cashman, 2-yr atty

Musante is a fabulous speaker, I didn't get bored at all; Musante's presentation was fast-paced, informative and entertaining.

Anonymous, 3-yr atty, 10 exams

Robert Musante's presentation of theory against recurring practical scenarios and high profile cases consistently supported his theses on cross-examination techniques. High quality instructor; keeps content interesting with sense of humor, analogies and enthusiasm.

Michelle Arzaga, 2-yr atty, 50+ exams

Excellent and entertaining. Better than any others I've been to.

Anonymous, 10-yr atty, 200 exams