Comments from San Francisco Bay area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

This seminar turns traditional approach to expert deposition on its head. Techniques from this seminar will increase my settlement potential by extended examination of why, what support, and by whom to establish bias of opposition expert. Excellent instructor.

Jerry Bearden, 4 expert depos, San Rafael

This seminar is based completely on practical, demonstrated techniques. Mr. Musante is an animated, captivating speaker. He uses a variety of visual and audio techniques to capture and keep audience's attention. Highly logical and pragmatic.

Marta Weiss, San Rafael

Excellent! Mr. Musante's stage presence is wonderful. Practical and functional. I particularly appreciate the "Adverse Expert Contends" chart. The "Opinion" attacks seem so logical that I can't imagine why I didn't understand them on my own, or why they're so difficult to put into practice now.

Ken VanVleck, 25 expert depos, Thoits, Love, Hershberger & McLean, San Jose

The content is very strong. A good break-down of the essential logical arguments needed in an expert deposition. Musante is wonderful. More engaging than any other seminar...other than the "Adverse" class, of course. Broad base of "Opinion" attacks that go into topics I've never considered before.

Matthew Johnson, San Ramon

Very practical. Goes beyond "textbook" standard dogma. I hope and expect it to improve my depos considerably. Musante is excellent.

Anonymous, 20+ expert depos, San Ramon

Top notch! Musante combines extensive knowledge with humor. Gives systematic method to approach expert depositions and trial prep. Excellent practical content ... warrants a much longer seminar!

Randall Wiens, 50+ expert depos, San Ramon

A rich smorgasbord of invaluable techniques and examples. Musante is a latter day Diogenes on steroids, casting light in the dark cave of obfuscation from which most experts sally forth. Apart from my own one-day seminar, none is superior to this.

Bradley Bostick, 100+ expert depos, San Ramon

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor.

Bill Schneider, 200 expert depos, San Ramon

Very good practical content. Much better than other one-day seminars. More substantive information and practical approach with broad application. Musante is excellent.

Anonymous, 40 expert depos, San Ramon

Very practical. Great, entertaining and knowledgeable instructor. Musante can make an argument over virtually anything--and be effective.

Tanya Leydiker, 8 expert depos, San Ramon

Great practical content! Superb instructor! Both Musante's seminars were the best! "Opinion" attacks very helpful, especially for someone preparing for her first expert depo.

Anonymous, San Ramon

Musante 100% Practical content 95% Musante is most compelling, thorough and has an immediately useful approach. This will drastically improve the quality of my adverse expert depositions. Before this I tried to learn more about the subject than the "expert." Now I can wing it with any expert -- let him tell me the weaknesses in his opinion.

David M. O'Hara, 30 expert depos, San Ramon

Excellent "Opinion" attacks. Will allow me an approach with an eye to the depo's usage later and hopefully will make me feel more comfortable in my lack of practical experience. Musante is very good.

Anonymous, San Ramon

The best! This is my third Musante seminar (spaced several years apart) and I learn more everytime I attend. Musante is very effective; very helpful practical content, strategies and helpful suggestions as to specific questions. I learned a significant number of effective techniques that I had not thought of before.

Ken Wilson, 10-20 expert depos, San Ramon

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Absolute best seminar! Will improve my depos 100%.

Monika Cooper, San Ramon

Very valuable pracitcal content. Excellent teacher as far as oral presentation and powerpoint presentation are concerned. By far the best seminar on this subject that I have attended.

Stuart Goldware, 10 expert depos, San Ramon

Great practical content. Musante is excellent. Appears to be very valuable. Will improve my depos in many ways. Also will help with my questioning and trial work. I'm waiting for Musante's book!

Anonymous, San Ramon

I would highly recommend this seminar to other attorneys. Instructor is very eloquent and entertaining...kept me awake! This seminar is a lot more informative than other one-day seminars. I learned new "tricks" that I can easily put into practice.

Anonymous, San Jose

Excellent. Reinforced or learned attack strategies which will be useful in my practice.

Cecelia Fusich, 20 expert depos, San Jose

Great teacher. Conveys lots of info with a wonderful sense of humor. This seminar is the best of the bunch.

David Harvey, San Jose

Excellent instructor. Very good practical content. The best, compared to other "expert" deposition seminars.

Mitchell Ehrlich, 15 expert depos, Lorich & Patton, San Jose

Enlightening and thought-provoking. I would recommend it! Great advice and methods; very informative.

Anonymous, San Jose

Very thorough and relevant to all areas of legal practice. Musante is an excellent teacher, innovative in his method.

Min Tak, Grancell Lebovitz, San Jose

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Better than most other one-day seminars - very practical and full of information.

Anonymous, 30+ expert depos, San Rafael

Excellent practical content. Will definitely use in depo prep. Musante is excellent in his use of examples.

E. Kennedy, Berliner Cohen, San Jose

Very helpful. Excellent instructor; maintains interest throughout. More practical application than other seminars.

Anonymous, San Ramon

Top notch instructor. Wonderful, experiential tidbits and good analytical framework. Compared to other one-day CLE seminars, it's the best.

Anonymous, San Ramon

100% useful and capable of immediate application. Musante was A++. Kept my diligent attention at every lapses! It is logic and analytical skills and "thinking like a lawyer" that can be applied to any argument and discussion.

Daisy Nishigaya, Thoits, Love, Hershberger & McLean, San Jose