Comments from Seattle area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Without question, the most insightful, motivating and, above all, useful seminar I have ever attended. A must for any serious litigator. Musante is fantastic! His high-powered presentation will radically change your deposition practice for the better--forever.

Ken Payson, Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe

Thank you for the system of cross examining an opposing expert through deposition. I was able the next week to knock out all 3 bases of an opposing psychiatrist's opinion in an employment discrimination case, which soon after settled favorably. I look forward to your next seminar for any further developments in this powerful theory.

Brian Roesch

Great theories and usable method of application. It works! Musante is lucid, focused and humorous. A great presentation. I am a repeat attendee, and plan on re-taking these seminars periodically. The best seminars (expert and adverse) in terms of both content and presentation that I've seen. If a slower pace is preferable, the solution would be to add time, not reduce material. (I have doubts whether it is possible to slow down Mr. Musante once he gets rolling!)

Eric Einhorn, 25-50 expert depos

Great practical concepts...Musante's skill is obvious--he knows his stuff!

Elizabeth Van Moppes, 15 expert depos, Jackson Lewis

Very good practical content. Very good instructor. As valuable as any skills seminar I have attended.

Ron Gardner, 500 expert depos

Very useful seminar. Helpful in pointing out principles that apply to deposition of any expert. Excellent instructor...a clear and entertaining the examples from the Simpson trial.

Eric Roth, Lukins & Annis

Great teacher...seminar content very helpful in breaking down elements of every expert's testimony.

Kristin Schumacher, Perkins Coie

Outstanding content and instructor. Better seminar than almost any I've taken, with the exception of [Musante's] regular adverse depo seminar last year.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

As a new attorney, I found the seminar very helpful...the content is something I'll take with me in preparing and taking depos in the future. Musante is very passionate about the subject matter and makes the concepts easy to comprehend...he's an excellent teacher.

Tom Larkin, Lee Smart et al

Excellent content. Outstanding instructor. Great, compared to other seminars.

John Shumaker, 1 expert depo

Fantastic practical content. Great mix of theories and examples.


Excellent, dynamic presentation. Great instructor. Far more advanced than other litigation-skills seminars; based on life in the trenches.


Head and shoulders above other such seminars. Offers more than just a collection of boastful war stories. Musante is "first rate."

Seattle attorney

Very good practical content. Reinforces yesterday's (Adverse) seminar. Musante is fabulous.

Anonymous, 100 expert depos

Same as yesterday: The best, most direct benefit seminar I have received on any topic. One of the best instructors that I can recall - dynamic, entertaining. This seminar's set of deposition rules goes beyond standard doctrine, thinks outside the box and is more useful.

Thomas R. Orr, 10-yr atty, 50-100 depos

Excellent practical content.

200+ expert depos

Well above average. This will improve my preparation by organizing my thoughts and learning to listen.

15 expert depos

Very practical; very helpful. Will improve my expert depos greatly.

1 expert depo

Excellent practical content. The constructs are great. The value of this seminar far exceeds any seminar on this subject I have attended in over 25 years, and the entire content of law school on this subject. I wish I had attended Musante's Boalt class. I am certain this class will measurably increase my ability and success in taking expert depos.

Bob Dickerson, 300-500 expert depos

Musante is excellent. In all CLE seminars, there is a direct correlation between the value of the seminar and the number of attendees who remain until the end of the day. Here (as in yesterday's Adverse seminar), the room was just as full at the end of the day as it was at the start of the day.

Dan L. Johnson, 30 expert depos, Bullivant Houser Bailey

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. More useful than others ... systematizes good practice.

George Kresovich, 50+ expert depos, Hillis Clark et al

Far and away superior to other CLEs I've seen. Musante is wonderful, engaging, easy to follow, great body language, obvious love and understanding of subject. It will change my way of taking expert depositions completely.

Marc L. Silverman, 20 expert depos

I finally have a logical pattern around which to arrange an expert cross-examination. I feel confident to take on any sort of expert.

Seattle attorney

Very entertaining and intellectually stimulating. High energy, fast-paced speaker. Grabs your attention and keeps it.

Joseph Hunt, 10 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Excellent compared to other seminars.


Excellent speaker…good examples…great looping reinforcement.

Mike Schechter, 0 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. The seminar will be a major help in moving from deposition to trial preparation.

James Niscack, 30 expert depos

Very informative seminar…very skilled presenter. This is a top notch seminar that levels the playing field. The seminar gives me more confidence now that I have a methodical way of analyzing the expert's opinion.

Rob Lloyd, 10 expert depos

Superb seminar…excellent speaker. Top notch. I hope the seminar will improve the quality of my adverse expert depos 100 percent.

Gary East, 10 expert depos

Enjoyable and informative seminar. Very good speaker. Seminar above average compared to others.

Robert H. Thompson, 3000 expert depos

Nice use of Baden…very strong seminar. One of the most engaging CLEs of any I have attended in a very long time.


Very good seminar…a lot of information to absorb all at once, but I think it will sink in on subsequent reviews of the materials. Excellent speaker.

Andrea S., 2 expert depos

Seminar a "10"…speaker a "10"…value a "10".