Comments from San Francisco attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent practical content. Musante is an amazing and dedicated teacher. He has proved his construct! This seminar will improve my trial ability and skills.

Geoffrey S. Lauter, California AG's Office, San Francisco

Quick-paced, not boring, very helpful and informative. Musante is knowledgeable and interesting. Very uniform "expert opinion construct"; can be widely applied to all sorts of experts.

James Choo, 5 expert depos, Cholakian & Assoc.

Good content; good pace. Musante is enthusiastic and knows his material well. I am anxious to try these techniques at my next expert depo.

Michael Kerins, 100+ expert depos, Senn Meulemans

Excellent seminar...excellent speaker...not a dull moment...well-organized. This seminar will encourage me to be more thorough than I might otherwise be, and to break down opinions more effectively.

Emilie Calhoun, 2 expert depos

This seminar hits the important points consistently. Musante has a great ability to analyze and formulate his approach. This seminar is much more thorough than others.

Gerald Learn

Excellent seminar...very practical. Every time I have training with Musante, I find myself cross-examining witnesses in my head and looking forward to the day I get to put it into practice. Musante is highly engaging...seminar doesn't drag at all...I didn't even need any coffee to stay awake.

Peter Flores, Sacramento D.A.

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. This will put me at a good advantage. Baden testimony is a wonderful exemplar.

James A. Michel

Excellent instructor. Very good practical content; makes a great deal of sense. Less of a "how-to" than a development of a systematic method for analyzing expert testimony and crafting depo strategies and questions. I'll begin applying these [techniques] immediately.

Mark Choate, 400+ expert depos, Choate Law Firm

Excellent practical content. Musante is excellent: enthusiastic, dynamic speaker; educational and entertaining.

Dave Boston, 150-200 expert depos, Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi

Excellent. Wish I had taken this before all the depos I've taken in my career. Excellent instructor. Will improve the quality of my expert depos 100%.


Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. The real value of this seminar is that it not only alerts every lawyer, maybe even forces, to approach an expert deposition with a critical perspective, and provides the needed tools to tackle the task.

William Gwire, 30-50 expert depos, Gwire Law Offices

Excellent. I have never taken an expert depo, but got a lot out of this seminar and now feel prepared to take one. Musante took a complex topic and put it in a lay person's terminology making it easily understood.

Michael T. Christy, Dillingham & Murphy

Excellent. Confirms unrealized logical steps already in use.

Barrett Braun, 50 expert depos, Clifford Hirsch

Excellent. Will improve the quality of my expert depos considerably. I will employ it and adapt it to my depo-taking, especially in planning them.

Edward Ardzrooni, 40 expert depos

Very informative. Musante is amusing and very effective. Many more practical techniques than other "expert" seminars; no dry "info-only" stuff.

Jessica L. Chylik, 1 expert depo, The Epstein Group

Absolutely necessary practical information. Musante goes beyond the basic cullet-points of normal trial techniques and gets to the minutia, along the way de-mystifying the expert deposition. He gives David a game plan against all expert Goliaths. He is an excellent instructor, entertaining and energetic. Time is definitely a factor, but Musante squeezed much efficiently into the time we had.

Carlos J. E. Guzman, 3 expert depos, Kazan McClain

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Musante has reduced the complexity of the expert depo to a formula.

Connie McBrien

Very useful. Musante is excellent; extremely articulate which makes the seminar lively and inspirational. The "expert formula" provides a guideline for the examination that weakens the force of the opinion and the credibility of the expert.

Catherine Dacre, 4 expert depos, Seyfarth Shaw

Very helpful. Musante is excellent and entertaining. Will remind me to be a more critical listener to the answers given, follow up on the reasoning of the experts and the basis for those reasons in a more focused and organized manner, and not be so intimidated by their "expertise."

Jennifer O'Sullivan, 20 expert depos, Bacalski Byrne & Koska

Best seminar I've ever been to. Will hopefully help my expert depos a lot; with the constructs learned here, I will have a more organized an pointed game plan.

Sharon Douglass Mayo, 5 expert depos, Arnold & Porter

The best. Great practical content; Musante is always excellent. I'll be much more effective.

Lawrence Mann, 150 expert depos

An excellent, highly valuable seminar. Great instructor: lively, entertaining, communicates well, engaging, extremely knowledgeable. This is graduate school for lawyers ... the others are grade-school level.

Wes Wagnon, 100 expert depos, Kazan McClain

Very good. Will use it immediately.

John Murphy, 100 expert depos, Rahn, Holbrook & Murphy

Musante shows the importance of the depo and what a powerful tool it is for later use in all aspects of the litigation. He is dynamic and keeps the attention of the audience. Has laid the groundwork for taking expert depos. Stresses the importance of getting expert rules and opinions nailed down during the depo to use later at trial.

Heather Marlow, Latham & Watkins

Excellent. Provides an analytical basis for approaching any expert depo. Extremely helpful.

Christopher Dahms, 20 expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. I am more confident that I can competently conduct an adverse expert depo.

James Michel

Great video clips to underscore points; great analysis. An interesting, compelling, attention-getting presentation. Will help immeasurably.

Brad Waugh, Day, Casebeer, Madrid & Batchelder

Musante is excellent; kept my attention, I stayed engaged throughout. I anticipate it will improve my expert depos greatly.

Anonymous, 12 expert depos, Dudnick, Detwiler, Rivin & Stikker

Outstanding ... no, remarkable ... no, unparalleled ... no, beyond comparison. Will demystify the adverse depo and remove the notion that you cannot take on an expert in his or her field of expertise.

Anonymous, 5 expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Anonymous, 1 expert depo, Berg & Parker

Excellent course, I feel like I'm ready to depose anyone. I hope to become a "depo god."


Good deal of information put together well, given the time limitations. Musante keeps it interesting and keeps us engaged; an excellent speaker.


Effective use of examples and video clips. Good communication skills, interesting stories and effective/clear handouts. This seminar has identified a framework that may be applied to different experts in different fields.

Anonymous, Dillingham & Murphy

Very good practical content; very good instructor. Will make me a better cross-examiner, and it will likely improve my direct as well.


Extremely practical because tools apply to any type of expert. Will make me more of a critical listener, able to recognize different opinions, different rules, etc.

Anonymous, 1 expert depo

Excellent practical content. It's nice to see the bases of an expert opinion set forth with clarity and simplicity. This seminar has been an excellent learning tool. Will change the way I prepare for and take an expert depo.

Anonymous, 2 expert depos, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

"Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

Excellent seminar...more practical than others in this series of seminars--and the others are all very practical. Musante is very engaging. Kept me awake through the entire seminar.

Peter Flores

Musante is a very effective communicator. The seminar pace was good...powerpoints on point...his style is engaging. Musante's use of Dr. Baden was very effective. It was good to use one expert to make several points.

Caroline Park

Excellent seminar...excellent speaker. Before this seminar, I hadn't thought before to use the "lead and intensify with rhetoric" tactic. This seminar will help improve my expert depos immensely.

Emilie Calhoun, 2 expert depos

This seminar is wonderful. It will absolutely help me take a better expert deposition.