Comments from Pittsburgh area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent guidance in approach to formulating effective cross-examination of the expert. Top-notch speaker…witty delivery leaves impression that makes learning enjoyable. The Powerpoint is very effective and illuminates every lecture point.

Kristiin Banasick, 25+ expert depos

Practical content is superb. I expect to apply the practical content immediately and frequently. Superb speaker. I appreciate the entertaining manner that the valuable, well-organized information was presented. This is the most valuable cross-exam seminar that I have attended. I expect that my cross-exam will improve significantly. Dr. Baden's testimony was effectively used to illustrate how to attack an expert--either civil or criminal.

Anonymous, 10+ expert depos

I found the info to be extremely helpful as it helped to solidify some basic concepts I have picked up along the way. It also built upon those and provided more advanced ways of approaching this particular trial skill. Excellent speaker…he was very entertaining and held my attention the entire time.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Good seminar…attacking the assumptions is hardly novel, but breaking down the types of premises in the manner here is a good expansion of that rule. Very good speaker. This seminar will refute the way I think about preparation, and it's reinforced some important lessons about listening to direct, rather than over-rely upon reports and depos.

Anonymous, 5 expert depos

Exceptional speaker…riveting. High value seminar.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Seminar thoughtful and practical…it demonstrates there is more science to cross than typically believed. Excellent speaker. Seminar has much higher level of analysis and is much more valuable at offering real world trial tips.

Anonymous, dozens of expert depos

The value of the seminar seems to lie in its broad conceptual applicability. The speaker doesn't give us a list of questions, but provides a deeper, and more useful, intellectual approach to the task of cross-exam. Musante has a very solid and dynamic approach…well structured and engaging. I think my own abilities will be improved as a result of this seminar, and that says more about this one than most seminars I've attended. Musante is an excellent teacher. This has been among the more valuable seminars I've attended.

Paul Grater, many expert depos

Useful for formulating questions for adverse experts…useful for identifying weaknesses in expert opinions. Musante keeps interest of participant in subject.

Anonymous, 40-50 expert depos

The seminar applies to all depos…great speaker!

Lotta Crabtree

Good practical content, very useful material. Musante has a good presentation style, "real world" examples, illustrations…holds interest.

Ross Bash, 10 expert depos

Very informative seminar…well reasoned and well taught. Excellent speaker. This seminar is the best seminar by far. I will be better organized, better prepared, less intimidated and more capable to competently cross examine the opposing expert and critically evaluate my expert.

James Fryling, 75 expert depos

Very useful seminar…very good speaker. I believe that I learned better techniques in this seminar that I can use in the future.

Anonymous, 100+ expert depos

Excellent seminar…explanation of principles allows application to different types of cases. Excellent speaker…well broken down and explained…visual aids very helpful.

William Otto, 0 expert depos

This seminar will be of use on a daily basis. Excellent speaker. Kept my interest for six hours.

Gary Graminski, 6 expert depos

It's useful as a tool to understand construction of opinions, and in structuring cross-exam and argument to court. Excellent speaker. Seminar better than most.

Paul Mayer, 100 expert depos