Comments from Philadelphia area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent seminar…organizes thought processes used in cross-examination. Allows one to compare what he/she currently uses but has not committed to writing/diagram to methodology presented in seminar. Excellent seminar…informative and entertaining. Seminar superior to others. Does not claim to give concrete rules/answers, but provides blueprint for analyzing how or what avenues of CE to take. Seminar will compel me to examine my methodology in cross-examination and my preparation of my experts and re-think same.

Nicholas Pinto, 200-300 expert depos

Excellent, well-thought out seminar. Excellent seminar…kept audience's attention. Good mixture of fundamentals and examples. Best seminar yet.

Robert M. John, 15 expert depos

Excellent teacher, infusing humor into the seminar together with concrete and relevant examples to keep the material interesting and lively. Seminar better than most. I generally try to take one or two pieces of information from every seminar to actually use…I have far more after attending this seminar. This seminar has given me tools to attack experts in any situation…it was exactly what I was looking for.

Bill Adams, 10+ expert depos

Excellent seminar…very good speaker…plenty of energy.

Reed Haywood , 50 expert depos

Very good seminar…will look for Musante for future seminars. Excellent speaker…the OJ trial analysis was helpful and interesting.

Paul Jenkins, 0 expert depos

Excellent seminar. The systematic, structured approach and lessons in how to demystify the expert in "cloak of expertise" are incredibly useful for trial work. Excellent speaker. Seminar by far the best.

Judith Gran, 150-200 expert depos

Never thought I'd be excited to CE and AE! Wonderful instructor…energetic and interesting.

Laura Mercuri, 0 expert depos

Excellent practical application of content is most important element of CE to me. Seminar being interesting--not boring--is second most important. My expectations in these regards were exceeded. An excellent teacher (sincerely).

Margaret, 15 expert depos

Excellent food for thought. Engaging and energetic teacher. Seminar far superior to others.

Douglas Ress, 30 expert depos

Outstanding seminar…brought rigor to all too often instinctive subject. Outstanding speaker.

Anonymous, 15 expert depos

Excellent seminar…logical, step-by-step approach to types of cross-exam. Entertaining speaker. Very useful seminar…I have attended other seminars by Musante and always come away with a few new insights.

Neil Witkes, 10+ expert depos

Very good seminar…intellectually challenging. Musante is very good…energy and enthusiasm. The logic approach is different…valuable. I will apply the logic to my crosses at trial, although cautiously.

Andy Briggs

An interesting and thought provoking seminar…novel approach. Excellent speaker, excellent visual presentation.

Mariellen Bello, 0 expert depos

Excellent presentation of valuable information. Superior speaker. Seminar has a higher value than others.

Anonymous, 120+ expert depos

Very good seminar. I am an insurance expert witness…will help me test and defend my opinions. Musante is very good…his introduction of subject matter, he returns to various subjects, great examples. The seminar will help me test, prepare, prepare to defend, and defend my opinion.

Anonymous, 0 expert depos

Very practical material, demonstrated well and in detail. Includes a good reminder of the importance of hearing the witness, to make sure that the witness has not rewritten the question before answering it. This seminar is far superior to others…most mere generalities that are essentially common sense. Musante has really thought about this.

Ron V., 5 expert depos

The seminar provides a superb, logical matrix for challenging the foundation behind and the ultimate opinion rendered by the opposition's expert. Musante is a superb communicator and gifted teacher. This seminar is the most comprehensive, analytical approach to handling experts that I have ever attended. Adverse expert depositions should be significantly easier utilizing and applying the construct/formula. Excellent use of videotape to highlight the application of the formula/construct regarding attacking the adverse expert.

Richard Curtis

I found the material extremely useful as an analytical tool to approach the development of questions. Musante cares about the subject and is enthusiastic about communicating the ideas.

Anonymous, 25 expert depos

Well conceived seminar and well presented. Visual aids are stimulating and forcefully integrated. Musante is one of the best speakers I have experienced of scores attended.

Kenneth Richmond, 75-100 expert depos

Very good seminar…unusual because it needs study afterwards to pull together extremely well. Very good speaker. Seminar more conceptually dense because more systematic. The logic is sound. Aristotle would be proud.

John McKelligott, 25 expert depos

Terrific seminar…terrific speaker. Seminar is right at the top.

Doug Wright, 10 expert depos

This seminar is a must for any trial attorney. Musante is outstanding…even if suffering from a crowd-lacking energy.

Anonymous, 0 expert depos

The exercise was useful in that the seminar demonstrated a practical analytical structure to use in any expert cross-exam. Very good speaker.

Eric Purchase, 100 expert depos

Good seminar…excellent speaker. The best seminar.

George Milner