Comments from Kansas City/Overland Park area attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

Better than any other full day seminar I have attended. Excellent content. Musante is very engaging, very well paced. Overall great teaching ability. Will improve the quality of my depositions.

Jason Sheiderer, 3-yr atty, 10 adverse depos, Blackwell, Sanders

Best I have attended because it's based on logic. Will greatly improve the quality of my adverse depos.

Bruce Anderson, 2-yr atty, 6 adverse depos, Crews, Waits, Brownlee

Topnotch. Very good, thought-provoking practical content. Excellent instructor.

William E. Raney, 10-yr atty, 2-yr atty, Copilevitz & Canter, Kansas City

Very practical, excellent teacher. Clear, well-illustrated, lively.

Judith D. Esrig, Dwyer, Dykes & Thurston, LC, Overland Park

Much better than other full-day seminars; more focused and better delivered. The practical content is extraordinary. Musante is every bit as good as any of my Jesuit professors years ago.

Thad E. Nugent, 43-yr atty, 150 adverse depos, Overland Park

Very useful and worth the time. Musante is very good, clear and concise. Much more interesting and useful than others. Will improve the quality of my depos dramatically.

Matt Heffner, Fairchild & Buck, PA, Topeka

In my years of practice, this is the best. Far and above other seminars, superior.

Silas W. Longan, 40-yr atty, Warden, Riplett, Grier, Overland Park

The best I have ever attended. All the others just war stories ... this seminar really contained something to learn from.

Matthew A. Herlvordson, 20+-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Much different in approach than others: thought-provoking and interesting.

Tim R. Karstetter, 29-yr atty, 150 adverse depos, Karstetter & Klenda, LLC, McPherson

One of the best. Content is very practical. Musante did an excellent job. He gave many examples and kept the presentation interesting as well as informative.

Ralph Pratt, 45-yr atty, "many" adverse depos

This seminar provides applicable insights. Musante communicates very well; clearly indicates information he wasn't to be learned. The pace keeps you attentive. The approach is innovative, thus better than most.

Mike Baker, 30-yr atty, 80+ adverse depos, Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP, Kansas City

Excellent practical content; first-rate instructor. Definitely some ideas to use.

Anonymous, 49-yr atty, hundreds of adverse depos

A great deal of practical content. Excellent teacher.

Kyle Roehler, 5-yr atty, 50-60 adverse depos, Walters, Bender, Strohbehn

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.

Tom Coleman

Very entertaining, very interesting, very informative.

L. Michael Schwartz, 28-yr atty, 30 adverse depos

Musante is excellent. Incorporates humor, real-life scenarios and useful information into a very effective class.

Neely Fedde, 1 1/2-yr atty, 6 adverse depos, Blackwell, Sanders,

Content is important and this seminar gives excellent practical tips. Musante is excellent. I think it will have a significant affect on the quality of my adverse depos.

Jason R. Whitener, 1-yr atty, 1 adverse depo, Gehrt & Roberts, Topeka

Dynamic ... great use of visual aids.

Teresa R. Laidacker, 2-yr atty, 5 adverse depos, Shughart Thomson, et al, Topeka