Comments from Orange County attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

This is the best trial practice seminar in California ... ever. Musante is excellent, humorous, fast-paced, articulate and thought-provoking.

Scott Spolin, 32+-yr atty, "many" adverse depos, Spolin, Silverman, Cohen & Bart, Santa Monica

Excellent materials, great use of power-point and video examples, interesting. Musante has great teaching ability. This seminar has actual suggestions and tactics an attorney can use! All other seminars are just war-stories.

Kirkham Hake, 6-yr atty, 100 adverse depos, Hollins Schechter, Santa Ana

Excellent nuts and bolts tips. Musante is first-rate. This is a refresher for me ... my depo-taking improved substantially after the first time I took the course. This seminar is in the top two with Brian Garner's legal writing seminar.

John Stephens, 15-yr atty, 125 adverse depos, Law Offices of John B. Stephens, Costa Mesa

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. One of the best seminars.

Gerald Shelley, 29-yr atty, 500 adverse depos, Law Offices of John B. Stephens, Costa Mesa

Excellent, entertaining, interesting. Very effective with illustrative examples. I'm looking forward to putting skills to the test.

Yoko Yagi, 3-yr atty, 2 adverse depos, Payne & Fears, Irvine

This seminar is superior to others. Musante is very clear, explains himself well and uses several tools of instruction well.. This seminar changed my notions of depositions. I will think more about it being an argument vs. an interview.

David P. Toberty, 12-yr atty, 10 adverse depos, Irvine

Great practical content; outstanding instructor.

Tim Board, Law Office of Tim Board, Laguna Niguel

Great practical content; Musante is "Killer"! Held my interest every minute.

Ann Feather, 20-yr atty, 15 adverse depos, Fullerton

I took this seminar in 2000 and it's still the best seminar I've ever taken! Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Re-emphasizes that depo is trial, and no depo is "merely" a "discovery deposition."

Roy Comer, 25-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos, Borchard & Baur, Mission Viejo

Very useful; Musante is fantastic.

Angela Rebella, 2-yr atty, 6 adverse depos, Payne & Fears, Irvine

Excellent seminar. Very helpful. Musante is very dynamic and engaging. Will improve my adverse depos without question.

Anonymous, 19-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos, Costa Mesa

I thought very highly of the speaker, the materials and the intellectual and practical content provided in this seminar. Musante is very highly-skilled and effective. Much better than most litigator's seminars I've attended.

Anonymous, 1-yr atty, 1 adverse depo, Costa Mesa

Can be used in every adverse deposition starting tomorrow. Far superior to other deposition seminars.

Anonymous, 22-yr atty, 500+ adverse depos, Santa Ana

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Among the best.

Anonymous, 28-yr atty, Orange

Indispensable; I didn't know how much I didn't know! Musante is excellent, engaging, obviously knows his stuff. I expect this to improve my adverse depos tremendously!

Anonymous, 3-yr atty, 1 adverse depo, Irvine

Very informative; excellent instructor. Excellent full-day litigation seminar. Caused me to view depositions in a new light, no longer as just to get deponent's story.

Anonymous, 2.5-yr atty, Irvine

Excellent. The lecture provided very helpful advice, especially on how NOT to let adverse deponents get away with being evasive. Musante is excellent, easy to understand and keeps his audience interested by injecting his lecture with humor, current events and real-life examples of how deposition techniques can be both used skillfully as well as misused.

Anonymous, Costa Mesa