Comments from Omaha area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Among the very best that I have attended in 22 years of law practice. Musante rates a 9.5 out of a possible 10. THE BEST. It is a great compliment to several other excellent seminars I have attended through ATLA and National College of Advocacy on Expert Depositions…but I learned some great additional techniques that will make my expert depositions even more effective.

John B. Hughes, 25 expert depos, Hughes Law Offices, Sioux Falls

Extremely strong seminar…good use of repetition and visuals to take large amount of material and make it memorable. Musante has great energy. This seminar is more practical than the theory I have heard for years.

Bill Wright, 100 expert depos, Jacobsen, Orr, Nelson, Wright and Lindstrom

The information is helpful in developing a strategy for a more assertive deposition--to obtain more information so as to proceed to trial in a more informed fashion. Points were well made and understandable.

Anonymous, 8-10 expert depos

Excellent seminar…really outstanding speaker. Best seminar I've attended. Dr. Baden's testimony was an outstanding illustration of the rules.

Anonymous, 100 expert depos

Outstanding seminar. Excellent speaker--energetic, passionate, knowledgeable…terrific presentation, clearly explained. The seminar will greatly improve my future adverse expert depos…I buy into the instructed theory entirely. It will allow me to be much more effective with my expert depos. The examples from the Baden trial testimony were right on the money.

Milla Rumbaugh, 4 expert depos

Very helpful seminar…the linear outline was great. Good, energetic speaker…nice use of materials from multiple disciplines.

Lisa Anderson, 20 expert depos

Very good seminar…really emphasizes the need to listen carefully, not just be prepared. Very good speaker…able to keep me engaged in topics and materials without my mind drifting.

Anonymous, 50 expert depos

Outstanding speaker…examples used to show the operation of the rules are apt and memorable. Best seminar on expert depositions I have ever attended.

Steve Watson, 20-30 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Musante is effective and entertaining. Not only does this seminar give me a strategy for deposing experts, it also builds my confidence that even the most qualified expert's opinion can be attacked.

Diane DeLair, 2 expert depos

Very good seminar…very good speaker. Here's the value from this seminar…I already use many of these thoughts when preparing. This reinforces the need to break down every assumption, opinion, factor, and test them, and to remain disciplined throughout the depo.

Anonymous, 500 expert depos

Very good seminar…crystallized knowledge I had on the subject matter. Very good speaker.

Herb "Fritz" Sampson, 15 expert depos

Very good seminar…entertaining…Musante able to hold our attention. I will utilize the skills taught to "dig" more into opinion and credibility of that opinion.


Excellent seminar compared to others …kept me interested. I definitely plan to change some strategies.

Anonymous, 8 expert depos

Great seminar…Musante very knowledgeable and presents very clearly.

Marlon Polk, 15 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent teacher. No comparison to others.

Emmett Childers, 6 expert depos

Good seminar. Very engaging…an excellent use of examples.

John M. Lingelbach, 15 expert depos

This seminar has changed my mind about withholding anything in depositions. Excellent speaker…kept my attention the entire time, despite the constant cell phone interruptions. Dr. Baden was an excellent example of the "expert."

John Heida, 2 expert depos

Very good seminar…very good speaker. Very thorough seminar--I'm taking away something I can use on a consistent basis. Gave me a methodology so no avenue of attack is overlooked.

Allan Eurek, 30 expert depos

Very effective and useful deconstruction of expert witness testimony…takes you "outside the box". Musante excellent…knows material and uses visual aids very effectively to enhance rather than detract. One of the best seminars.

Lars F. Bergstrom

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker.

Tim Delay, 100-200 expert depos

Excellent seminar and applicable to my practice. Speaker superior…he understands what we need to know and presents in a manner we can understand. The best seminar yet!

Jim Gordon, 10 expert depos, DeMars, Gordon, Olson & Zalewski, Lincoln

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker…superior to other seminars.

Anonymous, 50+ expert depos

Good seminar…it beaks down elements of impeachment of opinion evidence.

J. Bruce Teichman, 100 expert depos

Very good seminar, speaker. Examples are more concrete, and so is the instructor on how to put these principles into practice.

Bill Garbina, 20 expert depos

It appears the seminar will be very helpful. Musante is lively…helps to keep my attention.

Tonya Skinner, 2 expert depos

Good points…good presentation. I will be better organized for deposition.

Ralph Peppard, 4 expert depos