Comments from Oklahoma attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

A top-notch seminar. Musante is very good; he keeps the attention of the attendees; logical organization; good practical application. One of the best seminars.

Scott McDaniel, 30 expert depos

Excellent seminar. A lot of techniques to use and more to think about. Excellent speaker…lively, entertaining, and substantive.

Anonymous, 5 expert depos

Great seminar…wonderful teacher. It was lucky for everyone Musante lost a job and went into teaching. Best seminar I've attended…made me see the importance of deposition again.

Jack McCarty, 10-20 expert depos

Excellent seminar; a practical, educational experience applicable to the practical examination of witnesses, experts in deposition at trial. Musante is passionate and knowledgeable.

Earl Donaldson, 100 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. A concrete and logical seminar.

Carol Lahman, 15 expert depos

Very useful seminar. Musante is very articulate, but a little fast…very entertaining. I believe some of things learned in this seminar are intuitive, but never articulated. I appreciate that it will improve my skills.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Excellent seminar…very good speaker. This seminar will change my organization and approach to expert depositions.

Rick Westcott, 30 expert depos

A very good seminar and speaker. Musante broke down complicated matter to the point it seems easy. My next depo will be much more organized and methodical. I will be more confident, both of which are definite improvements.

Diana Stallard, 6 expert depos

A very practical and useful structure at which to construct the cross examination. Excellent speaker. This seminar is much more useful than others…wish I had this when I first started practicing law.

Anonymous, 150 expert depos

I particularly liked the application of the seminar to criminal trials and depos. Excellent speaker.

Michael Kelly, 10-15 expert depos