Comments from New Brunswick area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

All I can say is this has been the most informative, the most helpful and the most important seminar I've ever taken. A superior speaker. This seminar will improve the quality of my adverse expert depos immensely. They don’t teach you this stuff in law school…thank you for taking the mystery out of it for me.


I like the fact that the general principles can be applied to any situation. Excellent speaker. I rate this seminar equal in value to the Posner/Dodd "science of cross exam". Both seminars are complementary.

Thomas Hall, 2 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Media presentation, content and the speaker's ability made this seminar head and shoulders above other seminars I have attended. The seminar has given me ideas about how to change my approach to expert depositions.

Anonymous, 30 expert depos

Practical content of the seminar is invaluable. It provides a road map for expert depos, as well as an introduction to more advanced thinking on the subject matter. Musante has a very good sense of what the audience is perceiving. A little fast on some complex concepts.

Steven Cohen, 20 expert depos

I am pleased with this seminar. The content is useful and can be used in my practice and help me understand the importance and difficulty of an AE cross. Excellent speaker. Musante speaks clearly and enthusiastically. Easy to understand and follow…kept my interest.

Lauren Talan

Very good seminar…excellent speaker. Musante keeps things going and interesting.

Mario Delano, 20 expert depos

Very good seminar…very informative and useful. Good speaker. Musante keeps the audience interested with his use of video and demonstrates the practical application of his teachings…very useful.

Michael Malinsky

Superb seminar…excellent speaker. Musante is clear, concise, and persuasive. Good visual aids…great humor. This seminar is far more valuable than others.

Evelyn Storch, dozens of expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. This seminar is better at distilling core concepts than other seminars. Baden's testimony illustrated the points very well and kept everyone's attention.

Anonymous, 10+ expert depos

The organization of the approach enables one to use a fairly complex means of attack without making it cumbersome to learn and use. Outstanding speaker! The technique as presented will assist me greatly in developing improved cross-exam techniques. Thanks for a great day!


A very demanding seminar…I could not take a snooze during this seminar. Terrific, engaging speaker. Powerpoints very well done.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Very useful seminar…thanks to OJ Simpson. Musante rated very high. The best seminar on this subject.


Very helpful seminar…excellent speaker. This seminar will substantially improve the quality of my expert depos.

Anonymous, 25+ expert depos

I cant wait to put this into practice. Excellent speaker. This seminar is better than most. This seminar will fine tune and better organize what I've been doing for years without labels.

Anonymous, 20 expert depos


Seminar's practical content: 10; Speaker's teaching ability: 10; Value: 10.

Anonymous, 0 expert depos

Good seminar…it helps give a formula for cross-exam. Musante is very good; energetic and engaging.

Ward Taggatt, 15 expert depos

Excellent analytical construct which is very useful in planning the scope of independent deposition of expert. Excellent speaker…very fine enumeration skills…very organized…very fine speaking ability. This seminar is vastly better than other similar deposition seminars because it provides a theoretical basis for developing practical questions. I intend to immediately utilize the theories and outline in preparing for both depositions and plenary hearings, where discovery is limited.

Michael Ward, 14 expert depos

Outstanding seminar. A complex process is distilled to its essence.