Comments from Miami area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent. Very valuable compared to other half-day seminars. Extremely practical. Can easily put attacks into practice at a deposition. Musante is very effective, very engaging. Excellent in teaching "Opinion" attacks. I learned many things about attacking an expert's opinions: what to listen for, what to ask, what to make the expert breakdown.

Stacey Koch, Shook, Hardy, Bacon, Miami

Excellent framework provided for any expert depo. Very dynamic instructor! Good use of training aids. Better in content and teaching ability than others I've attended. Great breakdown of expert opinion attacks. Logical and seemingly easy to apply. The chart is great and handy; I'll use it in the future.

Miami products liability attorney

Excellent practical content. This seminar contained enough useful information to easily warrant a full day. Information was delivered quickly, but this was understandable given the content. Excellent discussion of "Opinion" attacks.

David Seiler, Miami, 15 expert depos

Excellent! Musante is animated, focused, with well-researched study examples. Excellent use of powerpoints; best I've ever seen.

Brenda Mezick, 15 expert depos, Miami

Very good. Good use of examples to analyze critical factors to cover and discipline to be applied. Nice job of building on, but not repeating killer depo material. Musante is entertaining and involved in the material. Good mix of video snippets, history, analysis and constructs.

20 expert depos, Miami

Very effective and valuable. Musante is very good. This is the first time I've experienced such a seminar that gives such effective tools to depose and teaches the true role of depos.

Joelle Hervis, Miami

Very practical. Better than most. The combination of "rules" and real-life video clips to demonstrate the rules is especially effective. Excellent instructor, nice demeanor, instructive without being pedantic.

Dyanne Feinberg, Miami, 30 expert depos

Extremely beneficial and awe-inspiring. I have seen the light! Musante is a gifted instructor.

Rory Jurman, 10 expert depos, Miami

Musante makes the complex very basic, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing that the expert's deposition can make or break you at trial. He incorporates a refreshing style with props and exhibits great knowledge as a lifelong student on the subject matter that makes for effective teaching.

Nelson C. Bellido, 12 expert depos, Miami

Much better than other litigation-skills seminars. Very good conceptual framework. Very good and dynamic presentation.

Juan Farach, Miami, 3 expert depos

Good, but fast, instructor. Very good value compared to other like seminars. "Opinion" attacks good, very logical method.

Miami, 40 expert depos

I thought yesterday's ("Adverse" seminar) and today's were quite informative. Excellent instructor.

Miami, 5-10 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Excellent discussion of "Opinion" attacks.

Miami atty, 100s of expert depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Very important, useful and timely value.

Miami, 1 expert depo

The practical content is excellent. It can readily be put to use and therefore it is in many ways better than other seminars. Instructor very good. Discussion of "Opinion" attacks very good and valuable.

Miami, 20 expert depos

Very good, clear and concise outline. Excellent instructor: high energy, amusing, entertaining, keeps your interest. Very useful compared to other such seminars. Good outline of exhaustive areas to attack expert witness.

Miami, 4 expert depos

Excellent tips and material. Excellent instructor.


Excellent practical content. Far above other litigation-skills seminars. Very good instructor.

Miami, 5 expert depos

Excellent content; terrific instructor.


Excellent content. Excellent instructor. This is easily the best such seminar I have ever taken.

Miami, 10 expert depos