Comments from Manchester area attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

Excellent practical seminar content. Good job…thank you for your love and dedication to this process and its "fruits". No seminar is comparable. The zeal of Musante is inspirational. He has obviously latched upon the sanctity of the logical/rational process as a means of developing the "proof" that becomes the all-controlling "truth" in litigation disputes.

John Laboe, 27-yr atty, 70 adverse depos

Dynamic speaker…he made the subject accessible. Appreciated the recaps of important points. Seminar is a useful way to look at questioning…liked all the examples. It's interesting how a subject changes when you change the focus from discovery to a trial technique.


Being a relatively new attorney, I found this material extremely practical. Musante provided the best explanations I have every heard regarding the purpose and use of a deposition. He is very energetic and entertaining…great use of PowerPoints to keep us engaged. Best seminar I have ever attended.

Joshua Menard, 2-yr atty, 4 adverse depos

Good seminar content…very well organized…made it easier to understand. Musante is great…enthusiastic. Videos made the seminar more enjoyable; broke up a long day…great choice of examples, and interesting well-known cases.

Tracy Connolly, 16-yr atty, 2 adverse depos

Seminar very practical…I picked up several "I never thought of that" techniques that I will use in the future. The thesis of the seminar was clearly expressed and reduced to a usable format. Musante hammered away at the thesis, so there was no doubt he wanted you to learn.

Joseph Hamilton, 29-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

Solid seminar…I could pick out my bad techniques. Well-paced seminar…clear…employed repetition very well. One of the most positive and memorable seminars. Seminar is worth the time and money for a sole practitioner.

Maureen Cushing, 35-yr atty, many adverse depos

Seminar made me feel inept, but with the ability to improve rapidly going forward. Very engaging speaker…I don't stay awake this long. Seminar far above others.

William Burdin, 23-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Great seminar content; good suggestions and lots to think about in preparation for future depositions. Musante clearly passionate about subject matter. He presented a well-reasoned presentation in support of the thesis which required the audience to think about the theory.

Allison Ayer, 4-yr atty, 5 adverse depos

Very helpful seminar…particularly good at reinforcing what you may have been told or commons sense for accomplishing a transcript that reads well. Musante is very good…energetic, engaging, and conscious of time for breaks.

Anonymous, 4-yr atty, 4 adverse depos

An extremely useful and provocative seminar…excellent speaker.

James Townsend, 30-yr atty, 30 adverse depos

Very practical seminar…definitely learned tools that I will consider and incorporate into my depos.

Michael Harris, 6-yr atty, 500 adverse depos

Great seminar…great speaker--very engaging.

Erin Desmarais, 1-yr atty, 15 adverse depos

"The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. A+.

Anonymous, 36-yr atty

Great seminar…wonderful entertainment with a lot of useful points.

Anonymous, 20-yr atty, 10 adverse depos

The only practical seminar I have attended outside of a weeklong NTLA seminar for public defenders. Musante is the only person on the planet who can use PowerPoint effectively…very good. Excellent video clips.

Dawnangela Minton, 8-yr atty, 25 adverse depos

Dynamic speaker...excellent grasp of learning techniques and reinforcement for remembering.

Anonymous, 0 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Videos were precise, poignant and entertaining! The seminar is helpful for the newcomer as well as the seasoned practitioner.

Anonymous, 17-yr atty, 75 adverse depos

The seminar has been very helpful…it has forced me to think about things that had become routine and examine what I am doing.

Manny Krasnek, 25-yr atty, 40 adverse depos

Very good practical seminar content…very good speaker. I believe this seminar will make me more aware of particular points to chase and wall them in.

Steve Brown, 20-yr atty, 40 adverse depos

Seminar was worth my precious time. Excellent speaker…fast paced, fine tuned. Video clips were the best…very unique approach and carefully selected.

Maureen Cushing, 35-yr atty, many adverse depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. I hope I can implement the course's ideals. My hope is a quantum improvement in refusing to let AD's sloppy language off the hook.

Bill Burdin, 23-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Very good seminar…excellent speaker. This is my second Musante CLE. His first seminar greatly improved my approach to depositions…I expect this will also.

Anonymous, 12-yr atty, 300+ adverse depos

Very useful seminar…best CLE in 5 years of practice simply due to the practical skills outlined. Great speaker.

Anonymous, 5-yr atty, 35+ adverse depos

Extremely valuable and important seminar…not just to career as a lawyer…but for life. Excellent speaker. The seminar will improve the quality of my cross examinations immeasurably.

James Townsend

Great examples and practical skills every lawyer should have in their quiver. Musante keeps the audience engaged and thinking throughout seminar…gets point across with excellent content and enthusiasm.

Scott Daniels, 8-yr atty, 10 adverse depos