Comments from Los Angeles area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent practical content. A lot of good, hard and specific examples of how to question an expert. Much more practical than most, not just theory, but real examples for the practitioner. Not boring or redundant after yesterday's "Adverse" seminar; a good synopsis of previous day which just enhanced it. The "expert" chart is a little intimidating at first, but so well broken down.

Kimberly Smith, 10 expert depos, Berger Kahn Shafton, Los Angeles

Dick Vitale's enthusiasm and Brother William's (Eco's "The Name of the Rose") logic and epistemology = Musante on Experts. Outstanding instructor. There are 3 persons in 1 god: Younger, McElhaney and Musante. All others are mere mortals.

Kevin Connelly, dozens of expert depos, Connelly, Sheehan, Moran

Excellent. Well-prepared. Logical. Relevant.

Javier Van Oordt, 75 expert depos, Newport Beach

A depo class for the lawyer who enjoys using his brain and treats law as a career, not a job! Excellent instructor. Rather than just giving you a script, it teaches you to listen and apply rules.

Anonymous, 100s of expert depos, Newport Beach

Best seminar I've ever attended. Musante is A+.

Bob Foster, 5-7 expert depos, Newport Beach

Excellent practical content. Outstanding instructor. Loaded with hands-on practical information. The lecture, coupled with outline is more effective than seminars presented with voluminous reading material. The use of the power point presentation is great to reinforce the lecture. One is never too old to learn new techniques.

John P. O'Brien, 10 expert depos, Newport Beach

Excellent! Musante is excellent and entertaining. More info and good advice than any seminar I've ever attended.

Judy McDonough, Newport Beach

Great practical content! Great instructor! I can't wait to test the "logic" on my next expert.

Mark Shoenauer, 5-10 expert depos, Los Angeles

Very helpful. Takes the mystique out of experts and makes them seem fallible too. Musante's "bells and whistles" help keep attention, which is 1/2 the battle in helping people learn the good info.

Meredith Todd, 20 expert depos, Los Angeles

Very interesting content. Musante is excellent. Very good analysis of "logic" and "Opinion" attacks.

Joan E. Lewis-Heard, 100 expert depos, Nagler & Assoc., Los Angeles

Very instructive half-day seminar. Great audiovisual presentation. Sound logic, good content telling us lines of attacks on expert conclusions.

Ammon Khan, 4-5 expert depos, Christensen, Miller, Fink, et al., Los Angeles

This is a rarity! This is an honest man providing live in-front-of-you real-time practical content of extraordinary value! It matters to him not just to talk, but to teach. Compared to other seminars, this is the best!

Wayne Morrow, 20+ expert depos, Los Angeles

Excellent seminar. Excellent and extremely insightful practical content. Fantastic presentation, conveyed the information very effectively. Illustrated the concepts with TV cross-footage very well. "Logic" made perfect sense to me.

Robert Brown, Los Angeles

Musante is very talented. This seminar is as good as yesterday's ("Adverse") and better than others. Very applicable to deposing construction defect experts.

Karen Baytosh, Newport Beach

Excellent! I wish I began my career learning from Musante. 1,000 times better than other half-day seminars.

Marci Smith, O'Melveny & Myers, Los Angeles

Musante is very good; very focused; very conscientious; good use of audio-visual aids; obviously well-prepared and knowledgeable. The bottom line of the seminar is logic. Musante was able to distill the conceptual rules of logic from what works for him in deposition in a very effective way.

Dean Weinreich, 2 expert depos, Silver Hadden & Silver, Santa Monica

OUTSTANDING. I wish I had taken this course years ago. Musante is also outstanding. With concentration and application, it should improve the quality of my adverse expert depositions at least 100%!

LA City Attorney, 30-50 expert depos, Los Angeles

Great practical content. Excellent instructor. This was more exciting, memorable and organized than other half-day seminars.

Amanda DeJesus, 8 expert depos, Cal Trans Legal Division, Los Angeles

Very helpful and realistic, provides a practical real way to plan to question an expert, as well as how to listen to them and get specifics on the record at the least, and maybe with skill, start argument. Musante is excellent and thorough. The reasoning is good, and as a new attorney, it is a relief to consider a depo as trial, because I welcome the opportunity to practice trial skills at places other than trial.

Julie Del Rivo, Los Angeles

Great examples from real life cases and arguments; great energy and insights. Should greatly improve my depositions.

Judy Lam, 2 expert depos, Alschuler, Grossman, Stein & Kahan, Los Angeles

Impressive, useful, clear, organized, unarguably persuasive.

Mark Lowerre, Manhattan Beach

Very relevant and helpful seminar. Musante is excellent with clear command of content. It will certainly improve my expert depos; my confidence and understanding of the task has been greatly improved.

Anonymous, 3 expert depos, Santa Monica

Very useful practical content and very good instructor. Real-life examples very good teaching tool.

Jessica Wolff, Los Angeles

Excellent! Everything today was meaty material. Very sound "logic." Most insightful in breaking down what seems so "innocent." Excellent examples of techniques.

Anonymous, Los Angeles

One of top 10 I've seen in 30 years for practical content. Haven't been to a better seminar on "expert" depositions. Musante uses state of art communications. He wants students to understand and that makes a huge difference.

Anonymous, Santa Monica attorney

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor.

Anonymous, 30 expert depos, Los Angeles

Beyond compare! Excellent content and excellent instructor.

Anonymous, Los Angeles

Superior compared to other like seminars! Very good and well-conceived practical content. Musante is very good, passionate and witty.

Anonymous, Los Angeles

Highly useful and practical. Musante is great; uses props well and is amusing at times. Very sound "logic" and very useful "Opinion" attacks.

Anonymous, Los Angeles

Musante is very good. Keeps audience alert. The use of real-life examples was an excellent and entertaining way to demonstrate points.

Anonymous, Los Angeles

Both the content and the instructor were effective and interesting. There was a tremendous amount of information provided -- couldn't write fast enough!

Anonymous, Los Angeles