Comments from Little Rock area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent seminar! Please come back. Musante is engaging, animated and punctual. Love the sarcastic humor and teaching method. I look forward to the next seminar and the analysis of the Michael Jackson experts.

Keith McPherson, 100+ expert depositions

The seminar has good practical advice…helped overcome some deposition fears. Musante is very good; he stated and re-stated the important material.

Teena Watkins, Office of the Attorney General, 6 expert depos

An excellent presentation. I am impressed with the fact that Musante can maintain a high level of performance given the fact that he is the only speaker. He is an excellent communicator, has great stamina, and breaks down the subject matter so it is not complicated.

Bill Mann, 15 expert depos

This CLE is one of the best I have attended because the content can actually be put into practice. Musante is excellent.


Great breakdown and categorization of what had been disjointed hunches and techniques. An engaging speaker. This seminar, compared to other trial advocacy seminars, kept me interested and awake.

Perry Young, 10 expert depos

The seminar was very well organized and presented in a manner that was enjoyable. Musante is excellent…he held my interest and explained the subject matter in a way anybody could understand. This seminar will greatly improve the way in which I analyze an expert's testimony.

Ben Coleman, 2 expert depos

The practical content of the seminar is excellent. Musante is very entertaining which is supremely important for a public speaker. He held my attention all day long. This seminar will definitely improve the quality of my techniques.

Jason Reed, 3 expert depos

Practical and useful seminar. Good teacher…good presentation.

Amanda Rose, 1 expert depo

Very helpful seminar to an attorney new to the deposition process. Musante is very good.

Benjamin McCorkle

I am very pleased with the content of the seminar. Musante did an excellent job of conveying his subject matter. His love of his subject and belief in his techniques come across well. The application of the techniques presented will greatly assist me in the cross-examination of all adverse witnesses, especially experts.

Brad Chafin, 10 expert depos

Very helpful material that has immediate practical application. Very good speaker.

Kathleen Reynolds, 50+ expert depos

A useful seminar. Musante is very skilled. A superior seminar compared to others.

Nate Coulter