Comments from Glen Arbor area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

The analytical approach and practical application of the analysis are extremely valuable. Attending Musante's seminar will change the way that I approach and prepare for expert deposition in the future. I appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and level of preparation of Musante. The use of multimedia enhances the seminar content. The real world testimony from the Simpson trial provides extremely valuable context for application of the analysis and technique being taught. The methodology stressed in the seminar will change the focus of my pre-deposition preparation and how I probe the opinions of experts in upcoming depositions.

Patrick Kirby, 500+ expert depos

Great teaching ability…highly entertaining…great use of Powerpoint. No comparison to other seminars…very valuable.

Brian Makaric, 150 expert depos

Very valuable seminar in that it makes you analyze the detail that goes into the opinion and therefore increases the applicable tests. Musante is very good at keeping your attention and presenting examples, visual and verbal, to support his points. Seminar better than any I have attended or given.

Abe Singer, 30 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Allows an analytical person to build a logical construct for preparation and taking of depositions and creating and testing arguments for trial.

Thomas Bruetsch, 10 expert depos

The seminar is of the highest priority for litigators, and done extremely well. Musante's teaching ability is excellent.

Jeffrey S. Burg, 25 expert depos

Outstanding seminar…extraordinary speaker. Best.

Dale Hebert, 250 expert depos

Very practical seminar…appreciate the outline and chart. Musante is very able…kept my attention on a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon.

Aaron Phelps, 6expert depos

Very practical seminar. I have been fascinated the entire time. Musante is one of the best speakers I have heard.

Michael A. Mestelle, 15-20 expert depos

Highest praise for the seminar…extremely high evaluation of the speaker's teaching ability. The best seminar.

M.J. Stephen Fox, 450+ expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker.

John Mucha, 10+ expert depos

Seminar very practical though axiomatic. Musante is effective and compelling…good use of visual technique and Neitchze-like logic and semantics to shine light in the dark areas every expert presumably occupies as an infallible human.

Jeff Sondermann, 0 expert depos

Outstanding seminar. Musante is the best…exceeds all expectations, and my expectations were high. Seminar ranks at the top.

Shel Stark, 100s of expert depos

Very helpful seminar…provides a great outline to prepare for depositions/trial by exposing both good/bad arguments. Musante is very engaging, passionate…uses very good practical examples.

Tim Graves, 1 expert depo

Very practical seminar. The analytical framework presented by the speaker should be useful in planning depositions. Excellent speaker. Appreciated creative use of Powerpoint…holds your attention and cleverly presents his points.

Tom Cavalier, 10 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Good energy, pace, visual aids and analogies/points.

Bruce Rissi, "more than I care to remember" expert depos

Excellent seminar…one of a kind. Excellent speaker…his attention to detail is fanatical.

Scott Mancinelli, 3 expert depos