Comments from Columbus area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

10 out of 10. Unlike any other. Ironclad logic; passionate presentation. This is the nuts and bolts, how to get our hands dirty.

Jack Leizerman, 50 expert depos

Excellent presentation. As a former math major, I like the logical approach. Will help me organize and visibly chronicle opinions and attacks.

Steve Magas, 100+ expert depos

Very good seminar and useful to trial and depositions. Musante is very articulate and straight-forward which was appreciated. Musante gave practical and logical examples. Good interactive use of the OJ trial. Valuable advice to not hold things back for trial.

Anonymous, 23 expert depos

Seminar provides a basis for conducting an expert depo, however it will take a lot of practice to "own" the material. Very good speaker…engaging.

Chris Gagin, 2 expert depos

Seminar has been so valuable in helping me begin my legal career. Musante taught me more about the practicality of the deposition taking process than I thought possible in the short time of the seminar…thank you! I was terrified of the thought of taking my first deposition…I can't wait now. The seminar has built my confidence immeasurably.

Robert Alsro

Excellent seminar…very good teacher. One of the best seminars I've attended.

Evan Price, 50 expert depos

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker. Seminar better than most.

Gail Ford, 50+ expert depos

A very helpful and interesting seminar…excellent speaker. Videos are helpful and make the practical material clearer. I will pay more attention to detail and press the expert regarding assumptions.

Suzanne Beck, 6 expert depos

Excellent seminar…great handout and excellent Powerpoints. Musante's passion for what he teaches is wonderful and very engaging…obviously very knowledgeable. His honesty was refreshing…great enthusiasm…great sense of humor…this is good! Dynamic seminar.

Anne Kahn, 12 expert depos

Excellent speaker. A new concept for me.

Anonymous, 40 expert depos

It's always good to understand the "theory" behind the practice. Musante is enjoyable and interesting to listen to, even with a cold.

D. Wallace, 100 expert depos

Tremendous seminar! This is my second seminar with Musante and I'll sign up for a third if offered. "A+" speaker. Seminar much more valuable than any other expert depo seminar.

Brigid Heid, 12 expert depos

Best I have attended. Excellent practical content.

John Wolfe, 160+ expert depos

One of the best seminars I have ever attended. Musante is very dynamic.

Kevin Popham, 10 expert depos

Excellent and fun. Musante is clear and knowledgeable.

Mike Moore, 100 expert depos

Excellent, very valuable, very practical, keeps your attention.

Sandra Pinkerton, 50 expert depos

Excellent. Mr. Musante is a great combination of substantive knowledge and an engaging and entertaining speaking style. I anticipate taking my first expert depo before too long and this seminar makes that task less daunting to me.

Vladimir Belo

This seminar was the most in-depth and encompassing compared to other "expert" seminars. Easy to follow and interesting due to familiarity with the example subjects. Musante is excellent. The one-page "Expert" chart will help in applying what was learned long after.

Anthony A. Moraleja, 100 expert depos

Very practical; much more detailed and useful than the old, war-worn methods heard before.

William L. Peters, 50+ expert depos

This seminar gave me goals, organization and rationale for expert depositions that I did not possess before.

K. Ronald Bailey, 25 expert depos, Bailey and Associates

Excellent. Presentation made sense and was very clear, concise and helpful. I'm a believer.

Randy Tormey

Better than any I have previously attended. This seminar has changed dramatically how I will approach, prepare for and conduct an adverse expert's depo. I believe it will assist in defusing the impact of the adverse expert and increase the value of my cases. Excellent instructor.

C. Steven Rabold, 200+ expert depos

Very good practical content. Will improve the quality of my adverse expert depos by a great measure.

Ethan Vessels, 1 expert depo, Theisen Brock

"Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"