Comments from Cleveland area attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

The best. Incredibly practical. This seminar, while advanced in its presentations, sets forth the foundations of effective deposition-taking. It brutally shines the light of effective deposition taking on a history of mediocre cross-examinations. Very capable instructor. Musante's passionate presentation kept everyone's attention throughout the seminar.

Paul J. Cristallo, 10-yr atty, 100s of adverse depos

Excellent content, clear, concise and condensed. Musante was excellent. Most interesting and substantive seminar I've attended in quite some time. Way above the norm. Will greatly improve my adverse depositions.

Kelly Kilpatrick, 7-yr atty, 300+ adverse depos

Best seminar I've ever attended. Very practical and certainly circumscribes what a true deposition should contain. Musante did a great job keeping me awake, alert and understanding. Comes right to the meat of the problem most lawyers flee from in taking a depo. I'd buy Musante's treatise just for the pure joy of reading it.

Bernard F. Dick, State Farm Insurance

Excellent seminar; excellent practical content. One of the most practical seminars I have attended ... better than most, if not all, others. Musante is passionate about the subject matter, effectively communicated the concepts in the limited time to cover the topic.

Anonymous, 19-yr atty, 200 adverse depos

Excellent because practical and relevant. Musante is excellent, dynamic and straightforward. Excellent, excellent command of the English language! Has this seminar proved/convinced me that the stupid orthodoxy costs settlement dollar$? The answer is "Yes."

J. Michael Goldberg, 13-yr atty, 30-40 adverse depos

An excellent seminar--I wish our young lawyers could have attended, but some of the concepts were quite sophisticated…difficult for me to digest even after my years of experience. Excellent speaker.

Anonymous, 26-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

"A+" seminar; "A+" speaker; "A+" quality.


Excellent seminar…informative and insightful. Excellent speaker. This seminar was the best on instruction, technique and in keeping interest and attention. Not a sleeper. Only flaw in the subject was that it was too short.

Peter D. Janos, 15-yr atty, 300+ adverse depos

Some of the most practical info I've ever received in a seminar whether an experienced trial lawyer or a new one, you will go home with more you can use. Can't wait until my next depo. Top notch speaker.

Anonymous, 24-yr atty, 400+ adverse depos

Seminar content extremely useful, in-depth and illustrative. I learned a tremendous amount of information and practical points to implement. Musante is fabulous…truly one of the best speakers that I have heard. His Powerpoint presentation was excellent. This seminar was by far the most comprehensive and practical on this topic.

Anonymous, 18-yr atty, 25-30 adverse depos

Excellent materials and content. An interesting, challenging and fast paced presentation. I give high praise to Musante and his energetic style. I truly appreciate the method of critiquing actual examples without simply reiterating the handout materials. I learned a lot. I have good practical advice that I can put to use immediately. The time flew by. I will look for Musante's other seminars.

Raymond Varcho, 20-yr atty, 15 adverse depos

Only experience has taught what you have presented, the value of establishing argument through the use of leading questions in deposition. Musante's presentation was entertaining as well as useful--the sign of a good teacher.

Laura J. Gentilcore, 21-yr atty, 150 adverse depos

Very good seminar…very good instructor. He has a real passion to improve our professional skills. When can I learn more? Seminar better than most…entertaining way of communicating his experiences. Great use of technology. I look forward to applying these methods…I appreciate learning a new perspective on how to conduct depositions.

James L. Burns, 15-yr atty

Strong seminar…very good speaker. This seminar is much better than the one other depo seminar I attended…the other one put me to sleep.

Todd Schwarz, 9-yr atty, 80 adverse depos

Very good's good to have a list of rules to keep in mind in taking the deposition. Excellent speaker. This seminar is one of the best I have attended. Video clips were great and necessary…need more!

Stephen Funk, 14-yr atty, 150 adverse depos

Excellent seminar…fills in for the failure of law schools to teach anything practical. Musante is good… the seminar is better than most.

Bryan Frink, 8-yr atty, 50+ adverse depos

An extremely practical seminar because it gave specific methods/goals to the deposition process, which make a great deal of sense. My first depo is yet to occur, but it will happen and it will be good. Musante is a very good teacher; keeps interest very high…uses good examples to prove points. His logic is impeccable.

John Califf, 20-yr atty

Great seminar! Practical content is excellent -- it is not taught in law school.

Jennifer J. Jacquemain, 5-yr atty, 50+ adverse depos

Enjoyed it immensely. Musante is excellent. Will make me bolder and more trusting of my own intuition. It is the opposite of what my senior partner taught me.

JacquelineTresl, 1-yr atty, 10 adverse depos

Much better quality than the usual local lawyer-presenters. Obviously professional quality presentation. Good teacher, obviously well-prepared. Visual examples, powerpoints and videos were excellent attention-grabbers that made the topic interesting.

Anonymous, 21-yr atty, too many adverse depos to count

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor; excellent compared to other seminars. For once, I put aside the work I brought with me and listened ... he held my attention.

Anonymous, 20-yr atty, 200+ adverse depos

Very useful. Musante was clear, concise and informative. Will force me to plan my approach even more carefully.

Anonymous, 3-yr atty, 1 adverse depos

Best one ever attended. Musante's "rules" compared to mine are like comparing nuclear physics to elementary science. Excellent practical content; excellent instructor who makes presentation interesting ... keeps your attention throughout.

Mike Whipple, 24-yr atty, 30 adverse depos

Extremely better than other full-day litigation seminars, organized and insightful. Makes one rethink objectives of depositions.

T. Allan Regas, 1-yr atty, 7 adverse depos

Content was excellent. Some great things I can put into practice tomorrow ... perhaps too many things! Right on the money. Much better than the typical panel of "seasoned litigators" telling war stories.

Anonymous, 5-yr atty, 15 adverse depos

Best I've been to. Very worthwhile -- makes me wish I did more litigation. I will look at my depos with an entirely new perspective.

Stone, 29-yr atty, 10 adverse depos



Good content, useful tips, reaffirmed the importance of competent adverse depositions. Musante is excellent. Great visual aids. Great examples of mistakes made by attorneys during deposition, and possible corrections.

Anonymous, 7-yr atty, 8 adverse depos

Best deposition seminar I have attended. Excellent content. Musante is very effective. Will considerably improve my adverse depos.

Anonymous, 4-yr atty, 60 adverse depos

Very enjoyable seminar, very helpful and informative perspective to guide future depositions.

Anonymous, 7-yr atty, 150 adverse depos

The best. Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. The speaker had unusual command of the subject with a delivery style that was captivating, yet not egotistical.

Anonymous, 20-yr atty, 47 adverse depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Better than other seminars, more practical.

Anonymous, 6-yr atty

Way better than average. Musante is engaging. Very useful practical content.


Above average teaching ability: dynamic and engaging, effective use of visual aids. Musante adds humor to the presentation which is a plus! I got more tips on how to box the answer better, how to use rhetiric more effectively, the loop concept, what it is and how to more effectively use it.

Anonymous, 18-yr atty, 40 adverse depos

Very good and informative. Taught me that I have not been doing my best when I have taken depositions. Will greatly improve my adverse depos.

Anonymous, 12-yr atty

Best depo seminar ever. Extremely practical. Outstanding instructor. I need to discard the materials from other seminars because they have taught me "crap." I will never again let a witness leave a depo without answering my questions.

Steven Goldberg, 15-yr atty, 60 adverse depos

Excellent. Tremendous tools and advice for everyday use. Will be a definite improvement to my depos, both in content and confidence.

Todd C. Hicks, 8-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

It's what I hoped it would be ... pertinent and ready to be applied immediately. Musante teaches rather than lectures. His "rules" are night and day different from mine.

Lawrence G. Shooho, Jr., 20+ adverse depos

Excellent practical content. I have a deposition in two weeks and plan to employ I learned today. Musante is excellent, very interesting and easy to pay attention to.

Joyce Ann Hribar, 14-yr atty, 10 adverse depos

Probably the best of any CLE seminar I have attended. Finally someone told me how to do it. No comparison to others ... this was great. My old rules are out. I will now have a focus and purpose, instead of just pinning down the who, what, where, why, etc.

David A. Looney, 29-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

One of the few CLEs I've attended where I've learned a lot of practical skills. Musante's "rules" put a name and order to my own that will allow me to think concretely about what I'm doing and trying to achieve.

Becky Lutzko, 6-yr atty

Practical and informative. Effective teacher. Hopefully will improve my adverse depos a great deal.

Lori L. Reme, 2-yr atty, 6 adverse depos

Very in-depth. Musante covers all the major topics of deposition. He thoroughly knows the topic and he relates that knowledge in an understandable format. His rules will enhance my deposition skills.

Kristina M. Kieltsch-Packard, 3-yr atty, 30+ adverse depos

Much more salient to the actual performance of my job than other seminars. This seminar and experience will help my adverse depos a lot.

Aaron Berg, 2-yr atty, 25 adverse depos

High value of practical content; Musante is outstanding. Far better than average; will substantially improve the quality of my adverse depos.

Matthew Harris Lucas, 12-yr atty

Excellent practical content. Will improve my depo prep and the drafting of articulate "interrogatory-like" questions.

Anonymous, 6-yr atty, 50 adverse depos

Excellent. Good use of powerpoints. Very organized. Very useful practical points.

Gayle Beier, 3-yr atty, 15-20 adverse depos

Great! Much better than others. I've never had depo rules set forth so clearly. New strategies to try.

Beverly Sandalz, 8-yr atty

Considerable practical application. This seminar actually changed the way I think about depositions and the way I will approach them in the future. My only goal before was to "get the facts." Now I know better.

Terry Walrath, 30+-yr atty, hundreds of depos

Content useful and thoughtful. Musante is an effective instructor. This seminar held my attention far longer than the few others I have attended. It will make me think more deeply about my deposition strategy and not go into them quite so haphazardly.

Leah Kramer, 1-yr atty, 10 adverse depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Seminar better than most.

Steve Forbes, 13-yr atty, 100+ adverse depos

Very thorough. Nice use of audio-visuals and good use of anecdotes to illustrate points. I will no longer be satisfied with a less than satisfactory answer. There are now tools available to get what I want out of the depo.

Greg Ochocki, 2-yr atty, 4 adverse depos

Useful and interesting. Much more interesting than typical seminars, much better prepared. Musante is very dynamic and clearly communicated his ideas.

James Timmerberg, 1-yr atty

Fascinating and informative. Excellent instructor. Will hopefully improve my adverse depos to a great extent.

Bishoy M. Mikhail, 1-yr atty, 5 adverse depos

A well-spent day! Content is good procedure for approaching deposition practice as contrasted to traditional theories of depos. Musante is well-spoken and articulate, able to communicate main points.

Kevin Chlauson, 1-yr atty

"The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

A highly useful seminar. An outstanding speaker. The time passed quickly and I wish I had been able to attend both days.

Anonymous, 20-yr atty, 1000s adverse depos

An extremely helpful seminar…presented in a very entertaining manner. Excellent speaker.

Jack Cooper, 13-yr atty, 60+ adverse depos

"A+" seminar; "A+" speaker.


Very good seminar…very good speaker. Great videos…kept it interesting.

Jennifer Fleury, 12-yr atty, 40 adverse depos

Excellent tips to get info out of difficult witnesses. Good speaker…breaks down info into manageable pieces.

Anonymous, 4-yr atty, 100 adverse depos