Comments from Boston area attorneys who attended "Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques" and/or "The 25 Credibility Arguments for Deposition and Trial"

"Great! Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques"

Far better than the usual MCLE. Musante prepares and presents his seminar as if it were the most important thing in the world to him. The practical benefit is this: it teaches skills for a precise method in a way that the student will be able to remember readily so as to gain a great amount of information that will be helpful for creating settlement leverage or cross-exam at trial. A function of [instructor's teaching ability] is to define the archetypal problems and convey with great enthusiasm the best methods of attack. Musante's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. Can change the way you look at depo practice.

Daniel Dwyer, 5-yr atty, 7 depos

Superior to most other CLE seminars. I have not enjoyed another seminar as much as this one. [Instructor's teaching ability] Very good. It is obvious that [Musante] cares about teaching/imparting knowledge and projects a level of enthusiasm about the subject/seminar that is real and refreshing. Very good practical content.

Keith B. Hughes, 17-yr atty, 25 depos

Practical content is excellent; consider me a convert to the major theme, i.e., elicit as many bad answers as possible and don't hold impeachment back. Musante is excellent; engaging, interesting and humorous as promised. This seminar is on a par with the one-day Bryan Garner writing seminar. Regarding depo rules, a different and I believe better approach was taught here.

Bart Hollander, 7-yr atty, 50-75 depos

Excellent -- few teachers can h old my attention for eight hours and Musante does!

Charles Wyzanski, 30-yr atty, 100+ depos

Musante debunked my prior orthodox method. Outstanding practical content; outstanding instructor.

Hermen Yee, 13-yr atty, 20 depos

Musante was very exciting, enthusiastic and informative. I was able to absorb much of the material presented and will be implementing it at my first depo.

Amy Royal, 1-yr atty

Probably the most useful seminar I've attended. Musante is capable and engaging. Very practical advice.

John Hitt, 6-yr atty, 10 depos

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. I found this seminar to be practical and useful. Its set of rules are a wonderful resource. I can't wait to try it!

Stephen Marshalek, 5-yr atty, 1 depo

Very detailed and very practical. Excellent instructor, good pacing and very engaging with illustrative examples. Challenges the core assumptions of avoiding boxing a deponent in and relying on open-ended questions.

9-yr atty, 20 depos

Very good practical content. Excellent instructor. The seminar will be very useful. I deal with witnesses who lie, and the techniques for bringing out the lies will be extremely helpful.

Donn Randall, 24-yr atty, 200 depos, Sally & Fitch

Very good! Better than any other seminar. Musante is engaging and fun to listen to.

Sandra Kahn, 9-yr atty, 30 depos, Nixon Peabody

Excellent! Musante is wonderful. This will improve my depositions immensely.

Thomas Bond, 17-yr atty, 500 depos, Kaplan Bond Group

Excellent. Musante is the best.

Tom Donohue, 2-yr atty, 5 depos, City of Boston, Law Dept.

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Will definitely improve my depositions. It's great to begin to think about principles that apply to every depo.

Paul White, 15-yr atty, hundreds of depos, Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen

Very practical. He is a very good teacher; his pace is great.

Edward Englander, 29-yr atty, 300 depos, Englander & Chicoine

The content is highly pertinent and practical to my practice. The techniques and suggestions advanced are applicable to the daily practice. In general, Mr. Musante's ability is terrific. Obviously he is well-versed and knowledgeable. I certainly hope and expect this seminar will improve the quality of my adverse depositions.

13-yr atty

Very good info, especially the excerpts from real trials. The practical skills were much more highlighted than in other seminars.

1-yr atty, 20 depos

Excellent practical content; Outstanding instructor.

15-yr atty, 1 depo

More fun than other CLEs. Superb practical content. [Instructor] kept me interested all day.

30-yr atty, 100s of depos

Great value; nice to have new ideas and techniques. Very good practical content. Very good and lively instructor.

Diane Rosse, 13-yr atty, 10 depos

By far the best [as compared to other CLEs]. Best investment of my time and money. Principles have application to many areas, including settlement conferences. I wish I had taken it sooner. Excellent teacher; has the experience and results to back up his premise that orthodox rules should be scrapped.

13-yr atty

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. More valuable than any other full-day seminar I've attended.

15-yr atty, 20 depos

Excellent! Better than other CLEs. I was on the way with my depo rules, but it's good to have validation of a more practical approach.

Juliana Rice, 8-yr atty, 7-10 depos

Much better than average CLE courses. Wonderful practical examples and easy to remember tips. Excellent [instructor]. Excellent [content].

1-yr atty, 3 depos

Far more useful than most. Excellent content, especially examples.

22-yr atty

Very helpful and useful for real world depos. [Musante] very good; held my interest and made skillful use of videotapes & illustrations.

8-yr atty, 30+ depos

An outstanding and very helpful seminar. Very worthwhile. Extremely practical - every practitioner should take it.


Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor.