Comments from Birmingham area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

Excellent practical content; excellent instructor. Will hopefully improve the quality of my adverse expert depositions a lot.

John A. BeBuys, 35-yr atty, "many" expert depos, Burr & Forman

Very well presented; good tie-in to important and interesting cases. Musante is vibrant and prepared. I'm a new lawyer, but found the seminar informative and interesting.

Julie Jordan, Burr & Forman

Musante is interesting, dynamic; a down-to-earth presentation of well-organized material. Real-world clips of Simpson trial are very helpful in illustrating points. Other seminar attended was little more than a rehash of a few cases and presented none of the helpful advice and applications presented here. Musante makes a compelling case for a pattern that would be applicable to every expert opinion.

Julie Pittman, Burr & Forman

Best seminar in terms of teaching an organizing theory. Musante is excellent. Well able to keep attention and emphasize points. Very helpful outline. Will greatly improve the quality of my depos. This will become the starting point in my expert preparation outline.

Ron Farley, 12 expert depos, Burr & Forman

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Excellent compared to other "expert" deposition seminars. Will make me go into more depth in deposition on the basis of experts' opinions.

Ross Forman, Burr & Forman

One of the best. Very valuable practical content; very effective instructor.

Joe Letzer, 100+ expert depos, Burr & Forman

Very practical. Musante is excellent. Best information I've ever received about expert depositions, even after 20 years of practice.

Cathy Wright, dozens of expert depos

Three times as good as any other "expert" seminar. Superior practical content; superior instructor.

Charles Robert Douglas Burns, Jr., 35-yr atty, "many" expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Refreshing; will improve my expert depos very much.

Charles C. Tatum, Jr., 40-50 expert depos

Excellent! Gives a truly practical base on which to draw an excellent plan for taking a deposition -- especially when deposing an expert. Musante is excellent. Commendable how much material was covered ... and well-covered. Will improve my ability to take a 100% better deposition. Deposing an expert can be intimidating. This course simplifies cross-examining an expert and gives confidence and knowledge to examining an expert.

Joan Harris

Very useful; excellent instructor. Will significantly improve my expert depositions

Russ Bozeman, 15 expert depos

Logical. Too bad we don't get it in school or in our first years of practice. Musante is outstanding. He breaks it down so it makes perfect sense. No comparison to other seminars.

Charlie Gaines, 80-100 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor.

Duncan Y. Manley

Very informative about breaking away the gibberish in the (expert's) testimony to reach the details. Definitely stresses the need to listen and hear what (expert) witness is actually saying. Different from run of the mill ... quite exciting and attention-maintaining.