Comments from Austin area attorneys who attended "Attacking the Expert's Opinion" and/or "Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

"Attacking the Expert's Opinion"

An extremely informative, focused and clear seminar. Musante is excellent...easy to understand with real world experience. No comparison to other seminars...this was the most useful I've attended. The seminar brings a much more focused questioning method.

Scott Freshour, 25 expert depos

Excellent seminar...excellent speaker. I read expert's depositions for a living; this seminar will invariably asit me in evaluating and analyzing their deposition testimony.

Olga Seelig

Great seminar...wish I had this quality [of seminar] in law school.

Nancy Lashikar

Excellent seminar...excellent speaker. This is the best I've attended.

Thomas Prehoditch, 50 expert depos

Good seminar content which can be applied immediately. Musante has a good ability to synthesize and communicate concepts.

Glenn Brown, 50 expert depos

One of the best seminars I've ever attended in 17 of practice. I attended this seminar several years ago. Since that time I have used these methods in deposing experts. They are great -- they work. Musante has given me many new avenues to attack the "crap" spewed by experts.

Karen Matlock, 100 expert depos

Best CLE or professional course I've ever taken ... should be longer!

Nanette D. Nunzio

Best I have ever taken. Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor.

Lawrence Wells, 10 expert depos

VERY helpful and useful. Musante is excellent; very enthusiastic, certainly masters the subject.

Katherine Hayes

Best I've seen! Excellent practical content; provided a good road map (construct) for approaching expert depos.

David A. Talbot, Jr.

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. One of the most entertaining and vibrant speakers I have heard.

Jewell Patricio, 5 expert depos

Excellent! Better than most other litigation-skills seminars I've attended.

M. Carol Gardner, 10 expert depos

Very well focused. Musante has valuable insight and experience. I've learned a great deal!

David Nancie

Very useful! Best thing about the course was the practicality. Very good instructor; much more useful seminar than most. The "Opinion Chart" was the best part of the course; Baden's testimony was the best use of real-life example I've ever seen in a CLE. Don't leave a thing out!

Kevin Laskus, 20 expert depos

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. All topics very helpful and so specific and easy to mold and shape into the type of experts we depose, which is real estate appraisal.

Steve Toland

Excellent practical content. Excellent instructor. Excellent examples.

Gerard Rawls

First rate seminar. I like Musante's engaging style. I liked the practical, intellectually involved presentation better than other similar seminars I have attended.

David Randell, 20 expert depos

The "how did you get there?" reiteration was valuable; good point about getting it all out at depo and not reserving cross for trial. Musante has a great depth of resources. This seminar will make me think about/research "the rule" and watch for cagey answers, eg the Hawking/white dwarf hypothesis.

Katerine Howard, 1 expert depo

Outstanding seminar…the best speaker.

Lawrence Wells, 10 expert depos

Simplifies complex theories and gives useful tools in dealing with complex testimony. Other seminars confused me…this seminar empowers me.

Heidi Maher, 6 expert depos

Excellent practical content; Musante is very compelling and entertaining. I think it will be extremely helpful in deposing experienced real estate appraisers who always emphasize how appraisal is as much an art as a science!

Anonymous, 50+ expert depos

This seminar provided more practical advice than other seminars I have attended.


One of the best seminars I've ever attended. Excellent practical content; excellent instructor.


I found the presentation contained very useful and practical information that I can immediately put to use in my practice. The instructor was entertaining and able to convey the material in a logical and organized format. An excellent seminar...I would recommend to all attorneys who deal with expert witnesses. Very effective to have an example (Baden) where everyone was familiar with the underlying case.

Anonymous, 2 exprt depos

Very practical. Very good instructor.

Reed Locklear, "several" expert depos

One of the best CLE presentations this office has presented. Excellent overall presentation, given time constraints. Musante's teaching ability is excellent, very dynamic and energetic speaker. This seminar compares very well with all the other seminars I have taken. I thought the use of Baden's testimony was great. Baden is everything we fear, but he is also someone that, as Musante pointed out, can be effectively attacked. This was a great confidence-builder for those of us who have not taken many cross-depositions.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Musante is obviously brilliant, but also able to simplify concepts (with humor) so that we can use them. Compared to other litigation-skills seminars, this is far superior, largely because Musante reminds us (or teaches us for the first time)to figure out where we're going and figure out how to get there!

Anonymous, 3-5 expert depos

Very valuable; gave food for thought and valuable avenues for attacking expert in depo. Musante is entertaining with great demonstrations. This seminar is much better than most.


This seminar was great. Helpful info. Musante is very good - enthusiastic, knowledgeable and energetic. Like his sense of humor, too. I loved the use of Baden's testimony. I like current events references and Baden was a classic example of who I DO NOT wish to encounter!


Very thorough, exceptional concepts regarding organization and arguments. Musante was great and complete! Seminar very valuable; I believe [Musante] in his case in the "prep"; or, you need to prep to win. Baden's testimony was a great example, keeps the audience's attention.


Information is full of practically applicable content. Musante has exceptional energy and creativity. This was as valuable as any seminar I've taken.

Anonymous, 3 expert depos

One of the best! Very good practical content and excellent instructor.


Excellent course; thought-provoking, informative and practical. Musante was excellent...a 10! Seminar was much more practical and sophisticated, definitely a skill builder. The use of Baden's testimony was highly effective; also effective that even the most intimidating witnesses have vulnerabilities. I liked the pace, the animation and the power points.

Anonymous, 2 expert depos

Excellent. I would like to see this as part of a 2-day seminar [with the "Adverse Seminar"]. Excellent instructor who does a good job of maintaining the attention of the audience.

Anonymous, 10 expert depos

Great practical content; great instructor. Probably the best litigation-skills seminar I've taken.

Anonymous, 25 expert depos

Will be extremely useful. Excellent instructor, obviously very knowledgeable. This is better than any other course I have taken. Use of Baden's testimony excellent!


Very good seminar with good specific and tactical strategic ideas. It will energize my depos and practice. Very good compared to other litigation-skills seminars because it took the lawyer a step beyond rules to the consequence and purpose of his questions.

Anonymous, 25-yr atty

"Attacking the Expert's Pedestal"

Excellent seminar; good breakdown of various arguments. Allows overview, systematic development of plan for depo, gathering of evidence, then can use it to develop plan for trial. Excellent speaker--his use of examples, videos from trials, make the teaching points clear and easier to remember.

Walker, 5 expert depos

This seminar is packed full of valuable and applicable tips and theories about how to depose an adverse expert witness. Musante is an excellent teacher and communicator.

Mark Levy

The practical content of this seminar will be very useful in expert depos. Musante is knowledgeable…good voice inflection, enthusiastic to give an overall worthwhile answer.


Great, comprehensive seminar. An "A+" speaker.

Kerry O'Brien, 5 expert depos

Helpful seminar…categorizes issues in a useful way. Good speaker. Good use of Powerpoint presentation.

Christopher Clough

Excellent seminar…excellent speaker.

M. Lynn Taylor, 60 expert depos

Very good, useful seminar. Very good speaker. Phenomenal. Probably the best presenter in last few years. He's definitely the best on depos.

Tommy Prud'homme, 3 expert depos

Very, very good seminar. Great speaker.

Pete Wassdorf